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Wii Sports Resort nearing 7m sold

While Wii Sports has done over 50m.

Wii Sports Resort has sold nearly seven million units since its launch earlier this year and the original Wii Sports has now topped 50 million sold, Nintendo has told investors.

In a supplementary note following its earnings report last week, the company said WSR had done 6.97 million units worldwide, while Wii Sports' 4.83 million sales in the last quarter have pushed the game up to 50.5 million since it launched in November 2006.

Elsewhere on the same system, Wii Fit is up to 22.5 million, Mario Kart Wii is at 18.4 million, Wii Play has done 24.4 million and Wii Fit Plus has stormed to 2.13 million in very little time at all.

DS games are also popular, would you believe, with six games making it onto the list of products that sold over a million units in the company's most recent financial quarter. Most successful was Pokémon Platinum, which now stands at 6.39 million sold, while Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver is at 2.27 million.

New Super Mario Bros. is up to 19.94 million, Mario Kart DS 16.1 million, Tomodachi Collection 1.45 million and Professor Layton and Pandora's Box is at 1.26 million. The latter does not include Japanese sales, since Layton is published by Level-5 in the region and licensed to Nintendo for distribution overseas.

There's some pretty sexy foreign currency transaction information in that PDF too, so make sure you take a look. Filth.