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Nintendo turns shops into WSR islands

For game launch this Friday.

Nintendo will be turning a load of UK videogame shops into tropical islands this Friday, to celebrate the launch of Wii Sports Resort.

Those stores are GAME on Oxford Street in London; Argos on The Headrow in Leeds; Smyths in Blanchardstown Centre in Dublin; Gamestation on Birmingham New Street in, er, Birmingham; and HMV on Buchanan St. in Glasgow.

The Wii Sports Resort Beach Party will run from morning until evening (individual store times vary) and offer hands-on time with the game plus the chance to win a luxury holiday to Greece and do watersports for real. No not like that.

Entrance is free, and the event will provide many with their first use of Wii MotionPlus - the Wiimote accessory that adds a gyroscopic sensor.

What sort of difference that makes to the events of Wii Sports Resort we've written about in detail - and you can also check out our verdict on Wii Sports Resort.