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Wii Sports Resort has table tennis, golf

Japanese TV ad reveals two more sports.

A Japanese TV commercial for Wii MotionPlus has revealed two more of the mini-game sports for Wii Sports Resort: table tennis and golf.

Brief glimpses of the sports can be seen in the ad. They join the sword-fighting, frisbee and jetski racing games revealed (and very much enjoyed by us) at last year's E3.

Golf, of course, was in the original Wii Sports; presumably Nintendo felt that the addition of MotionPlus finesse to the walk-ruining pastime was enough to justify revisiting it.

Wii Sports Resort is released in Europe on 24th July, bundled with the MotionPlus add-on. You'll also be able to pick up a MotionPlus as a standalone accessory, or bundled with EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis, at the earlier date of 12th June.

We expect to have more on Wii Sports Resort from E3 in a couple of weeks.