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Square Enix confirms FFXIII date

Mid-December for 60 quid.

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Update: The date has been confirmed. The price, with tax, is ¥9240 (£60.54).

Square Enix is expected to confirm a 17th December Japanese release for Final Fantasy XIII today at a special Tokyo Premiere Party that starts at 7pm JST (11am UK).

The announcement was pre-emptively spoiled by an online advertising campaign on YouTube Japan which, when its URL was changed to contain "After", displayed the December date. Oops. Fansite had the scoop.

Final Fantasy XIII won't appear in Europe until next year, of course, when an Xbox 360 version will be added to the inventory. That's a work-in-progress at the moment, but will eventualy launch simultaneously with the PS3 game when the bunnies arrive in spring.

Head over to our Final Fantasy XIII gamepage to find out much more.

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