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No wireless MP or DLC for PSP Minis

Sony dropping features to speed approval.

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Sony has revealed that bite-sized, downloadable PSP Minis titles will not be allowed to offer wireless multiplayer, DLC or software updates.

This is being done to speed game approval, which should take between three and five days instead of up to two weeks for fully-complimented titles.

"When you look at it from a testing perspective, you have to do more QA. [Allowing those features] would defeat the purpose of having a dedicated service for smaller content. It increases the barriers," Sony America's Justin Cooney told Gamasutra at GDC Austin.

"From our perspective, if we're going to reduce the time it takes to get through our internal process, it helps that we don't have to check the multiplayer features."

While these guidelines mean Sony's QA process differs from Apple's - which does allow games to contain wireless multiplayer features - Cooney doesn't believe this will prevent iPhone developers from bringing their game to the Sony platform.

"I think from an iPhone perspective, you can create a Minis product from your iPhone product, or create a [full size] PSP game," he stated. "Nothing stops you from bringing an iPhone product to the PlayStation platform. It's just really up to the developer to decide if they want it to be a regular title or a PSP Mini title."

PSP Minis games, which Sony announced at Gamescom this year, are digital games restricted to a 100MB download size. They're due to launch alongside the new PSPgo hardware on 1st October, with 15 titles initially being made available.

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