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Nintendo on-board for EG Expo

And it's not playing games. You are.

Well now. Those of you who've been keeping track of these Expo announcements will know that each has been a carefully judged and dispensed nugget of wonder, drip-fed to you in order to prevent socially dangerous levels of joy and enrichment. There have certainly been some crackers, and the list of playable games is already studded with enough gems to keep Snoop Dogg happy on a Sunday. Sometimes, however, you just have to up the ante.

So, with that in mind, we've been on the phone to Nintendo. Turns out they're quite into the whole idea of bringing a few games to the Expo, which is nice. There'll be five titles in total - and we'll be wheeling two of them into the public eye today. As we've learned from the internet, five at once is simply too much for anyone to handle. Don't go straying though - these updates will keep coming thick and fast and you'll soon be able to fully appreciate the girth of Nintendo's generosity.

Down to business, then. Let's start with the exclusive UK publicly playable première of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Named as our game of the show for E3 2009, New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a return to the side-on platforming genius which rocketed the chubby little hero so firmly into orbit around planet fun-times. This time, however, there's the option to co-opt three of your acquaintances into the action, forming a semi-competitive four-way experience which blew Oli away when he penned his E3 hands-on. If you still lack faith, just take a look at this and tell us you're not excited. Did we mention that this is the first time you'll be able to play it in the UK? It is, you know.

Totally having Mario's back in this elite, spec-ops storming of the entertainment castle is Metroid Prime Trilogy, bundling three of Samus' greatest adventures together under one cosy roof. Kristan was full of praise in his review, why not experience it for yourselves? It's got Space Pirates and everything.

Anyway, get your hustle on, tickets are selling fast.

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