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Relentless: Blue Toad will be unique on PSN

Murder mystery series kicks off in December.

Relentless Software reckons that Blue Toad Murder Files will stand apart from its fellows on the PlayStation Store when the six-episode murder mystery series kicks off on PS3 this December.

"There is a little concern," design director Paul Woodbridge told us in an interview today. "Are the people we're aiming for the people who buy games from PSN?

"But having said that, I'm a core gamer, and maybe I'm not aiming this game at me, but it would be great if I could say to my wife - who's not a core gamer - I'm going to buy this game, let's play this rather than watch Dancing on Ice."

Producer Jade Tidy agreed. "Games are becoming these days closer to what you expect from films," she added. "You like a variety, and don't want to see action ones or rom-coms, you want different ones to suit your mood that day. And this is one where people can go, 'Oh, we've actually got some choice here.' There's nothing else like it, and I think that's quite refreshing.

Blue Toad Murder Files follows a group of four unlikely detectives as they traipse around a village looking for murderers. Up to four people can play locally on one PS3, and whoever solves the most puzzles and identifies whodunit correctly at the end will end up with the most points.

There will be six episodes in total, the first in December, and each will last around an hour - a little longer or shorter depending on your brain power. An episode of Blue Toad Murder Files will cost around a fiver, although an exact price hasn't been settled on.

Head over to our freshly-minted interview with Relentless Software to find out who the game is aimed at and what an episode entails. Alternatively, check out our Blue Toad Murder Files screenshot gallery.