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Next Blue Toad episode will be free

"Are we going bonkers?" asks Relentless.

Relentless has revealed to Eurogamer that the next episode in the Blue Toad Murder Files series for PlayStation Network will be free.

Episode 3 will be released on 25th February and cost nothing to download until 25th March. You'll need Episode 1 installed in order to play, and that can be bought with Episode 2 in a double-pack for £9.99.

Relentless also announced that the final three episodes, instalments four to six, will be released on 8th April. That triple-pack costs £9.99.

"So, the big news of the day is we've decided to give away Episode 3 for free! Are we going bonkers? Probably," Jade Tidy, Blue Toad Murder Files producer, told Eurogamer this morning.

"We've had great reviews and feedback for the content and quality of Blue Toad, but we would be arrogant to overlook peoples' concerns about the cost and replayability of an episode. As the publisher of Blue Toad we had the opportunity to tackle one of those issues immediately and I'm thrilled that we decided to take this brave step to address it."

"We've made something we're all very proud of, and knowing people have enjoyed our game enough to ask us when the next episode comes out makes us very happy," added Tidy, tidily.

Episode 3 picks up where the previous episode left off: two people have been murdered, the burglar of the Manor is refusing to talk and a fire breaks out in the town hall. The mystery of Little Riddle deepens. Sounds like someone needs to get a bit Russell Crowe out there.

There's also a new addition to the Blue Toad Murder Files team - Jason Donovan! No it isn't. Head over to our Blue Toad Murder Files: Episode 3 gallery to find out who it really is.