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Blue Toad Murder Files dated

PSN whodunnit here for Xmas.

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Buzz! maker Relentless will release the first episode of Blue Toad Murder Files on 17th December.

A price, the developer told Eurogamer, has not been confirmed.

BTMF - not Britain's Next Top Model - is an episodic murder mystery series exclusively for PlayStation Network.

Six instalments are planned, each an hour in length. The general idea is to pick the murderer from a line-up at the end, strengthening your case by questioning villagers, playing mini-games and watching cut-scenes in the build-up.

You-plus-three can play, locally, although the emphasis is on fun and accessibility so don't expect something as jumbled as Dan Brown's head to unravel.

We trotted up the road to chat to Brighton-based developer Relentless last month. Head over to our Blue Toad Murder Files interview to see what happened.

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