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Pokémon Explorers of the Sky dated

Dungeon crawler sequel in November.

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Nintendo Europe has announced a 20th November date for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky.

The very same DS game is due out on 12th October across the US.

Explorers of the Sky picks up where Explorers of Time/Darkness left off, delving once more into randomised dungeons in search of new creatures to train and then fight with.

Apparently Phanpy, Vulpix, Riolu, Shinx and Eevee will join the Pokémon roster for the first time, which is very exciting - and this takes the total Pokémon count for this instalment to 490, including 19 hero Pokémon and 21 partner Pokémon.

Wireless gameplay returns and allows friends to once more come to the rescue should you run into turn-based trouble while fighting. Explorers of the Sky also offers additional missions via Wi-Fi, plus owners of the game can send a demo, wirelessly, to their friends.

Check out our Pokémon Explorers of Time/Darkness review for an idea of what to expect.

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