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Star Trek Online outfit free with Blu-rays

Admiral uniform with Star Trek season 3.

TV Shows on DVD reports that the next re-release of the original Star Trek TV series on Blu-Ray will include bonus content for Cryptic's forthcoming MMO, Star Trek Online.

Purchase the third season of Kirk and Spock's creaky adventures in crystal hi-def – due for release in the US on 15th December – and you'll get a code that will unlock an exclusive Star Fleet Admiral outfit for your in-game character.

We can't confirm the same offer will be available in Europe yet. Still, it's an unusual bit of joined-up thinking from the media marketing departments involved - and a healthy indication that work on Star Trek Online is proceeding smoothly ahead of its expected release some time next year.

Plenty more info, including a detail-packed preview, is available at the Star Trek Online gamepage.