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Platinum soothes Bayonetta PS3 worries

Console quirks to blame, says Minami.

PlatinumGames boss Tatsuya Minami has attempted to ease fears that the PS3 version of Bayonetta won't match up.

Writing on PlatinumGames' website, he put eventual differences between PS3 and Xbox 360 down to console "peculiarities", and said demos of both versions will do the talking at the Tokyo Game Show next week.

"With Bayonetta, we created the Xbox 360 version of the game first, and then handed off all the data and other assets to SEGA so they could begin the process of porting Bayonetta to the PS3, giving them advice regarding the porting process along the way and overseeing the progress to ensure that the PS3 version would be the best it could be," wrote Minami.

"The goal was to release the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to gamers day and date, and even though there have been trials and tribulations along the way, we are incredibly pleased to be able to present two playable versions of the game on the Tokyo Game Show floor."

Concerns arose after PlatinumGames showed the PS3 version for the first time in Japan last month. Eye-witnesses - like 1UP - reported a clear difference between console demos, calling the PS3 game "very blurry" with an unstable framerate.

"As the developers of Bayonetta, we have overseen both versions, and I would like to make one thing clear. The Xbox 360 and PS3, as hardware platforms, both have their own distinct differences and peculiarities, and these characteristics will naturally give birth to differences in the final product," Minami explained.

"However, all involved endeavoured to exploit the specific traits of each console to create an enjoyable experience. We feel the best way to evaluate this is by actually playing the game for yourself and coming to your own conclusions.

"Bringing Bayonetta to users of both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 is something we feel to be very important, and I feel passionately that we have fulfilled our responsibility in that regard," he added.

Bayonetta launches on PS3 and 360 in late October across Japan, although the West won't see the action game until early next year. And look good Bayonetta does, as recent media and hands-on impressions will testify.