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TF2 rewarding honesty with halos

Cheaters will be trampled.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Valve will "cleanse" Team Fortress 2 of all unfairly earned items this week, as part of a new zero tolerance policy towards cheaters.

They - around 4.5 per cent of TF2's population - have been using external programs to amass enough game-time to unlock rewards. Tut tut. Those items will be exterminated.

Conversely, the angelic masses who haven't cheated will be rewarded with a halo hat. Plus, they'll be able to find existing hats more easily.

"We realise there is a high level of demand for items, and we're still working on systems to allow you to find them in new ways (via Trading, and crafting duplicates into desired items). However, we need to draw the line at running external applications," wrote Valve's Erik Johnson on the TF2 blog.

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