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Flight of the Conchords for Rock Band?

Comedy duo enigmatically confirm.

Songs from musical comedy Flight of the Conchords may be heading to Rock Band, assuming what comedy duo Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement said on The Emmys' red carpet wasn't a joke. Frankly, we can't tell.

"You know what? There's going to be three songs on Rock Band," McKenzie, sporting a moustache, told a suited interviewer (video on Kotaku).

"I'm serious," he added. "That's serious," echoed Clement, grinning slightly.

"What are they?" asked the interviewer. "Don't know," replied Clement, deadpan. "Yeah, don't know," echoed McKenzie.

And that was that.

Each episode of Flight of the Conchords features a song of some sort, whether it be a rap about robots, a ballad about the most beautiful girl in the room, or funky jive to let us know it's "Business Time". It's brilliant.