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Take-Two already working on Natal games

And playing with Sony's motion controller.

Take-Two's development studios are already experimenting with the next-generation of motion controllers.

That's according to company boss Ben Feder, who was speaking during an investors' call (and overheard by VG247).

"Natal motion-sensors - yes we have dev kits, yes we’re working on them," he said.

"Obviously we can’t comment on games we haven’t announced. But those dev kits are embedded in all of our studios, or just about all of our studios, and everybody’s working with them to try to figure out new ways in which we can innovate and create the kind of content that this company is famous for."

Feder went on to confirm that Take-Two is also busy mucking about with Sony's new motion controller. So who knows, perhaps a few years from now we'll all be talking to hookers who can tell what clothes we're wearing while shooting them with magic wands.

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