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EA announces Skate 3 for May

Team co-op the key this time.

EA has whipped the wrappers off Skate 3, revealing team-based co-op as the headline feature.

This enables you and your friends to skate together in a crew, tackling group challenges and helping each others' careers as you go.

Due May 2010, Skate 3 also packs a beefy toolset to edit videos and graphics as well as create skate parks with. There's a new skate.School to learn in, too.

If, on those scraps of evidence, you decide to pre-order, you'll be given an unlock code to access the Black Box Distribution Skate Park, which is home to the Zero, Mystery and Fallen skate teams.

The first Skate 3 video is up and running over on Eurogamer TV, so pop over there for a look.