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Skate 3 Maloof Money DLC dated

Early next week for three quid.

EA plans to release Skate 3 add-on, the Maloof Money Cup 2010 pack, this coming Tuesday 8th June.

Note that the European PS3 Store updates a day later (Wednesday) in Europe.

The Maloof Money Cup 2010 Pack costs 400 Microsoft smashers on Xbox 360 or $5 on PS3.

The Maloof Money Cup is a real-world skateboarding tournament with a large prize purse. The location this year is Flushing Meadows, New York. Here you'll find a "gnarly skate mecca" to "shred" around.

Skate 3 arrived at the start of May and scored well on Eurogamer. Check out our Skate 3 review for loads of words and a number.

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