Skate 3


Don't expect to see Skate at this year's EA Play

But "a little something" is arriving tomorrow.

Skate 3 to be enhanced for Xbox One X

Alongside Mirror's Edge and Gears of War 3.

EA community chief tweets #Skate4, internet loses its mind

UPDATE: EA says it's not in the works. Boooo!

Looks like Skate 3 is about to get Xbox One back compatibility

UPDATE: And it's live! Includes free San Van Party Pack DLC too!

EA layoffs hit NBA Elite and Skate 3 dev

"Seasonal" job losses strike EA Canada.

Skate 3 Hawaiian Dream DLC tomorrow

Starring skater Danny Way.

Video | Skate 3 DLC - Danny Way's Hawaiian Dream

Who hasn't had a Hawaiian dream? Aren't those embarrassing?

Digital Foundry | Skate 3 performance analysis

The wonder of 60FPS gameplay on both 360 and PS3.

Digital Foundry | Skate 3: Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

The best effort yet from the Skate team.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 26

Split/Second, Lost Planet 2, Green Day: Rock Band, Prince of Persia and Backbreaker.

Skate 3 Maloof Money DLC dated

Early next week for three quid.

EA Skate 3 code unlocks Isaac Clarke

Hero nails some Dead Space.

UK charts: FIFA denies Alan Wake win

Skate 3, Lost Planet 2 finish high.

Video | Skate 3 - launch trailer

Out on PS3 and 360 this week.

Video | Skate 3 - Full Street Competition

Best grind, best trick and showdown.

Video | Skate 3 - Death Race shame

Snatching death from the jaws of life.

Video | Skate 3 - EG enters the Hall of Meat

And breaks bones really graphically.

Video | Skate 3 - Scott's amazing pipe transfer

DrPiD, aka 'Scott 3', tricks for money.

Video | Skate 3 - the first 10 minutes

EG's DrPiD gets his skates on.

Review | Skate 3

Shred & Grind Inc.

Video | Skate 3's Good Time trailer

Those crazy kids, always with the wheely-planks.

Skate 3 demo next Thursday

Try out the multiplayer and everything.

Skate 3 demo coming in April

Watch it like a hawk.

Skate 3 given solid May date

Manual transmission.

Video | Skate 3 - Industrial playground

The dirty Industrial District.

Skate 3

Port Carverton shows its face.

Skate 3

Skate out of ten.

EA announces Skate 3 for May

Team co-op the key this time.