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Skate 3 given solid May date

Manual transmission.

EA has announced a 14th May release date for Skate 3 in the UK.

The game's in development at Black Box for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Skate 3 aims to bring friends together online in teams. Jason DeLang, senior producer, reckons this will be "the most connected, accessible and social skateboarding experience yet". But then he would say that.

Another interesting addition is the Skate.Park editor, which allows you to make and share skate parks as well as videos and photos.

And on top of all that there will be more areas to skate in and more people to skate as than ever. Funnily enough, there's no Tony Hawk on the roster. Eric Koston's there, though, as is Jason Lee as Coach Frank.

We had a look at Skate 3 in November. Catch-up with our hands-on impressions to find out more.

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Skate 3

PS3, Xbox 360

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