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Almost every comment on EA's Instagram is "Skate 4"

Maybe they'll grind them down.

EA's Instagram is about a lot of things you'd expect: EA games already out such as Madden and FIFA, and EA games coming out soon, such as Unravel.

But almost every comment is "Skate 4".

Really, almost every comment.

As Redditor fokinsean notes, no matter what EA posts about on Instagram, the comments are all the same: Skate 4. Take this post announcing EA Play, EA's new event it's running during this year's E3, for example.

Here's a post about Madden:

And one that asks EA's Instagram followers which game they're looking forward to most in 2016:

Here's one on Plants vs. Zombies:

It's not just recent posts, either. People are spamming old EA Instagram posts with Skate 4, too, such as this Dragon Age one published 61 weeks ago:

The social media campaign has expanded to Twitter, too, where hundreds of people are calling on EA to make Skate 4. Just search using #skate4. Here's a snippet:

Clearly, people really want EA to make Skate 4, which doesn't come as much of a surprise given how wonderful its Skate games were.

And they're still going strong: in 2014 EA reprinted Skate 3, a game that had come out four years previous.

Popular YouTube personalities continue to mine EA Black Box's skateboarding sim because of its potential for hilarity.

EA has yet to announce a new game in the Skate team, but with E3 looming over the horizon, we live in hope, especially after the disaster that was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5.

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