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Looks like Skate 3 is about to get Xbox One back compatibility

UPDATE: And it's live! Includes free San Van Party Pack DLC too!

UPDATE 10/11/2016 5.03pm: And it's official: Skate 3 is available for Xbox One backwards compatibility.

Better yet, the San Van Party Pack DLC is available for free until 20th November (in participating countries) to commemorate the one year anniversary of Xbox One backwards compatibility.

ORIGINAL STORY 10/11/2016 11.59am: It looks like the much-loved Skate 3 is about to get Xbox One's backwards compatibility.

A favourite of Let's Plays, EA's venerable Skate 3 still pops up in the charts from time to time (albeit at the lower end) despite launching back in 2010.

The skate-em-up got a rare reprinting a couple of years ago due to its continued popularity - and it has been a big request for Xbox One backwards compatibility since Microsoft announced the programme.

Microsoft has yet to make the announcement officially, but the game has today been spotted suddenly being promoted as backwards compatible on the Xbox 360 dashboard today and has suddenly been reduced in price for those who don't own it already.

Like any back compat game, Skate 3 will be free to download and play again if you already own it on Xbox 360. If you don't, its standard price is £8.99 although Xbox Live Gold subscribers can get it for £7.49 at the moment.

While we wait, here's Skate 3 at its finest:

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