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Biggest Dutch retailer boycotts PSPgo

Spanish shops may follow suit.

Holland's largest specialised retail outlet, Nedgame, has decided not to sell the PSPgo this October. And, the shop explained to Eurogamer Holland, there are a handful of reasons why.

The hefty price-tag of €249.99 being one of them. That's €80 more than the PSP-3000 costs, a difference Nedgame believes the new handheld does not justify - the smaller screen is picked out as an example.

A more telling reason is the lack of a UMD drive. That means Nedgame cannot sell games for the PSPgo, which is where retailers make the most profit. And, as downloadable games will be tied to PSN accounts, trading and swapping will fast become a thing of the past.

Nedgame also mentioned its discomfort at Sony creating a monopoly on the software sold on PSPgo.

Eurogamer Holland goes on to point out that Nedgame are not the only Dutch outlet to boycott Sony's new handheld.

Eurogamer Spain has also heard rumblings that retailers there may do the same.

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