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Ninja Theory finally reveals Enslaved

"A post-apocalyptic journey."

Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory has finally exposed its next game, "a post-apocalyptic journey" called Enslaved.

Those scant details spill from a taster of the October issue of Game Informer, which will be available soon.

The blurb also mentions that Enslaved will be a multiplatform game for Namco Bandai, but we knew that already.

Heavenly Sword was released in late 2007 as a PS3 exclusive, and the game made serious strides in digital acting, employing Gollum actor Andy Serkis as creative lead.

Unfortunately the rest of the game didn't really match up, and Sony left the series alone, freeing Ninja Theory to tackle a completely new concept.

Hopefully its arrival on the pages of Game Informer means our wait to discover Enslaved is finally nearly over.

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