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Bayonetta demo "coming soon"

Though perhaps a bit later to Europe.

Producer Yusuke Hashimoto has promised that a Bayonetta demo is "coming soon", and said the sampler will be "cool" enough for full-game owners to want to revisit.

He was speaking at the Feel Bayonetta event in Tokyo over the weekend, watched by 1UP, so his comments may refer to a demo exclusively for Japan - where the game launches this October.

Europe, remember, won't get the game until 2010.

Also on show at the event was the PS3 version of the game, which 1UP reported to look "blurry", with a framerate that was "all over the place". There's no way for us to verify this, however, and SEGA maintains that both versions will look ultimately look similar.

But sulk ye not, as there is another way to play Bayonetta before 2010: why at the Eurogamer Expo, of course - which takes place during the last week of October.

Last year's show was such a success that we're taking it on the road this year, heading to Leeds on 27th-28th October and then London on 30th-31st October.

Check our Eurogamer Expo site for the confirmed games so far; there are some biggies. Ydou can buy tickets there too.