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KOTOR2 missing content restored

Fan project reaches open beta.

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The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords Restored Content project has entered open beta after years of development.

Instructions and download locations can be found on the Deadly Stream forum (spotted by EG reader Garthy).

The Restored Content project - as the name suggests - aims to reinstate much of the lost content found on the KOTOR2 disc but not in the game itself. The one year that developer Obsidian had to make a bigger and better sequel simply wasn't enough - that much was apparent at review.

The Restored Content mod, lead by "DStoney", isn't the only KOTOR2 restoration project out there. Team Gizka's arguably more ambitious Restoration Project has been around since 2005, and remains unfinished but playable, albeit in a rough form.

Team Gizka promises to finish the Restoration Project one day, although the voluntary nature of the task means the finish line may be a year or two away.

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