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Famitsu teases second Nier game

Replicant complementing Gestalt.

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Square Enix may have grand plans for action game Nier, judging by evidence of a sequel or companion game.

Dubbed Nier: Replicant, it appears in a two-page spread in Japanese magazine Famitsu (spotted by 1UP), which promises a proper reveal next week.

The teaser depicts a white-haired, scantily clad lady posing above the text, "Beyond revenge lies crazed desperation."

Nier (known as Nier Gestalt in Japan), meanwhile, is an action-adventure being created by Bullet Witch developer Cavia for PS3 and Xbox 360. Nier refers to the hero, who sets out to find a cure for his daughter, who is infected some lurgy that's ravaged the world. He uses big swords to get answers.

Watch the debut Nier trailer from E3 to find out more.

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