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Nier: Automata director releases absurd pre-order video

S**t Square Enix!

Nier: Automata director Yoko Taro has released a bananas video encouraging people to pre-order Platinum Games' upcoming sci-fi adventure.

By reserving this most peculiar of action-RPGs at select retailers prior to its 7th March launch, you'll get a T-shirt adorned with an image of the series' most iconic character, Emil.

To demonstrate such a fashionable garment, Taro, adorned with an Emil mask and matching scarf, presents Platinum Games designer Taura Takahisa sporting the pre-order accessory. So far, so good.

Then things get weird.

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Out of nowhere, Taro lifts Takahisa's shirt and begins tickling the shocked game designer. After a cutaway to a promotional shot of the shirt, we resume with Taro, now holding said shirt, rolling back and forth on the ground repeatedly shouting "Nier: Automata T-shirt! Nier: Automata T-shirt! Nier: Automata T-shirt!"

He then follows it up with the coup de grâce: "S*** Square Enix!"

I for one have never been so compelled to pre-order a game.

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