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November 2011 Archive

    1. Resident Evil 6 takes place in China - report
    2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies announced for iOS
    3. Glitch MMO "unlaunched"
    4. Final Fantasy Type-0 localisation underway
    5. Zavvi tweaks Metal Gear Solid HD Ultimate Edition
    6. Activision denies storing Call of Duty Elite passwords in plain text
    7. EU PlayStation Store update 30th November
    8. The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda leaves Sony - rumour
    9. Purple dildo kills 2 million in Saints Row: The Third
    10. LucasArts to take "around 35%" of Old Republic revenue - report
    11. Duke Nukem to cameo in Choplifter HD XBLA game
    12. Infinity Blade 2 Review
    13. Sony: PlayStation Vita will break UK launch record
    14. Eurogamer's Top 10 PSP Games
    15. MotorStorm boss feared Apocalypse failure "might be the end" of Evolution
    16. Eurogamer's Top 10 Games lists
    17. New Total War: Shogun 2 DLC released on Steam
    18. World of Tanks Review
    19. Next Forza 4 DLC pack dated, detailed
    20. PS3 firmware 4.0 releasing this week, details
    21. Sony planning "more tailored approach" to Vita game pricing
    22. Assassin's Creed Ezio costume in Final Fantasy 13-2
    23. Zombie Apocalypse PS3 release date, Pure Pwnage DLC
    24. Ten Unsung Gaming Heroes
    25. Techland not shocked by Germany's Dead Island ban
    1. 960,000 Xbox 360s sold in the US last week
    2. The Witcher 2 pirated 4.5 million times, reckons CD Projekt
    3. Mass Effect 3 features cancelled ME2 Citadel quest
    4. Frozen Synapse sells 300k - a "best case scenario"
    5. Podcast: Nintendo Fanboy Special
    6. Saturday Soapbox: Why the 3DS Won't Die
    7. Voltron XBLA game release date
    8. New Nvidia GeForce drivers for Skyrim, MW3
    9. Mario Kart 7 clans originally 3DS system software
    10. Ron Gilbert reveals Double Fine collaboration character art
    11. Bobby Kotick questions Star Wars Old Republic's economics
    12. Iran declares Tehran-depicting Battlefield 3 illegal
    13. Skyrim: the first western game to receive a 40/40 Famitsu review
    14. November 3DS firmware update postponed
    15. Mario Kart 7 3DS steering wheel confirmed for UK
    16. Ridge Racer Vita premium DLC revealed
    17. Vita memory card prices announced for US
    18. Final Fantasy Type-0 sequel in the works
    19. Ubisoft researching new Call of Juarez - survey
    20. Square Enix making "massive, original action RPG" with Unreal Engine
    21. Move Fitness Review
    1. SpaceChem gets sandbox mode, price cut
    2. Tony Hawk: Ride dev asks gamers to fund next title
    3. Any Final Fantasy 7 remake "might delete things, add elements"
    4. Kinect sold 114,000 units in Japan in its first year
    5. Skyrim update 1.2 detailed in full
    6. Rainbow 6 Patriots Preview
    7. Super Mario 3D Land is fastest selling portable Mario ever
    8. Angry Birds studio rejected $2.25b Zynga takeover - report
    9. Zen Pinball 3DS eShop release date
    10. Total War: Shogun 2 standalone expansion Fall of the Samurai announced
    11. Petition asks Obama to destroy all copies of Skyrim
    12. Face-Off: Saints Row: The Third
    13. The King of Fighters 13 Review
    14. Kinect 2 so accurate it can lip read
    15. Sex education PC game Privates wins a BAFTA
    16. UK Top 40: Rayman Origins, LOTR: War in the North disappoint
    17. Lego Batman 2 has Superman and DC superheroes - report
    18. Images of Sony's rumoured Smash Bros. rival revealed
    19. Brendan McNamara's next game is called Whore of the Orient
    20. Valve: piracy a "non-issue" for Steam
    21. Batman: Arkham City DLC revealed
    22. What is SuperBot's "very amazing" PlayStation 3 exclusive?
    23. Shinobi Review
    24. Sony PS3 3D TV UK launch pushed back to 2012
    1. Bonus Skyrim Xbox 360 Timelapse
    2. Skyrim Timelapse: World in Motion
    3. Retrospective: Pac-Man Fever
    1. Game of the Week: Rayman Origins
    1. 5th Cell boss: "The $60 boxed game is a broken model"
    2. Google Chrome to get gamepad support
    3. Star Wars: The Old Republic beta test weekend goes live
    4. Microsoft buys search engine VideoSurf for Xbox Live use
    5. Sainsbury's slashes PS3, 3DS, Wii prices
    6. Mario Kart 7 Review
    7. Metal Gear Solid Ultimate HD Collection disappears from Zavvi
    8. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria talent calculator
    9. New Little King's Story Vita confirmed for Europe
    10. Bulletstorm dev making Gears prequel trilogy - rumour
    11. Nintendo 3DS game Zoo Keeper 3D spotted
    12. I Am Alive director explains controversial PC piracy comments
    13. Kirby's Adventure Wii Review
    14. Xcom dev 2K Australia put on BioShock Infinite
    15. Skullgirls: Reverge Labs unveils Valentine
    16. Nintendo: Mario Kart 3DS completed as "act of emergency"
    17. Dead Island: Bloodbath Arena Review
    18. IndieCity offers indie devs 100 per cent revenue deal
    19. No Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on PC
    1. EA Sports signs Messi as global face of FIFA
    2. Microsoft plans two versions of its next Xbox - rumour
    3. UK PlayStation Store selling US TV shows
    4. Catherine European release date narrowed
    5. Serious Sam 3: BFE Review
    6. MS "investigating" Xbox Live refund customer service complaints
    7. Rockstar adds cover, zoom-aiming to Max Payne 3
    8. PS3 firmware to enable Vita Remote Play for all games
    9. RedBedlam announces indie MMO The Missing Ink
    10. Miyamoto: "I can't tell if I'm a good boss or not"
    11. Will Kinect come with next-generation TVs?
    12. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review
    13. EA gives PS3 Battlefield 3 owners Battlefield 1943
    14. Free Gears of War 3 Booster Map Pack DLC released
    15. Where Is My Heart? Review
    16. Batman: Arkham City DirectX 11 issues
    17. To the Moon Review
    18. GameCity Discussions: Indie Kids
    19. Steam Trine 2 has PC/Mac cross-platform multiplayer
    20. Sony: it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch significantly later than the competition
    21. Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Rising might be "hard to get into"
    1. Ridge Racer Vita only offers 3 tracks, 5 cars
    2. Dante's Inferno sequel hinted at on writer's CV
    3. Cthulu Saves The World sells 100k on Steam
    4. Steam announces massive Autumn sale
    5. Why Skyward Sword didn't launch in Christmas 2010
    6. Call of Duty Elite Friday Night Fights starts this week
    7. Modern Warfare 3 tops Japanese chart
    8. Why I Am Alive is unlikely to launch on PC
    9. Test Drive: Ferrari announced
    10. Browser MMO DarkOrbit makes €2 million from €1000 virtual item
    11. Jurassic Park: The Game PSN release narrowed
    12. EU PlayStation Store update 23rd November
    13. Easy PC goes bust
    14. I Am Alive Preview
    15. Evidence points to BioWare's new game being Command & Conquer
    16. Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk announced for iPhone, iPad and Android
    17. Keith Vaz "deeply concerned" by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
    18. Doom 3 source code finally released
    19. Jurassic Park: The Game Review
    20. Microsoft to improve Kinect hardware for Windows version
    21. MotorStorm RC, Unit 13 announced for Vita
    22. exclusive Final Fantasy 13-2 pre-order bonus
    23. Rage PS3 and Xbox 360 demo release dates
    24. Silent Hill HD Collection has original Silent Hill 2 voices
    25. Microsoft: Xbox Live has not been hacked
    1. Miyamoto cold on Mario Kart 7's customisation options
    2. First footage from new BioWare game shown
    3. Sony's PlayStation Vita EU launch line-up
    4. Full Mario Kart 7 track list revealed
    5. Gears of War, F.E.A.R. 2 devs start new studio
    6. Podcast #91: Skyrim
    7. New Dizzy game is an iOS port - report
    8. Ubi Shanghai started from scratch with I Am Alive
    9. Rayman 3 HD Announced
    10. Dead Island dev's new game detailed
    11. Podcast #90: Joe Danger
    12. Batman: Arkham City PC, OnLive, Origin release details
    13. Dota 2 Beta Preview
    14. Accessible Morrowind, Cyrodiil part of Skyrim DLC?
    15. One million pay for Call of Duty Elite
    16. New Xbox 360 dashboard release date revealed
    17. Spec Ops: The Line Preview
    18. Sony PS3 3D Display delayed in Europe
    19. New Dizzy game in the works
    20. Out This Week - Rayman! LOTR! Kirby! Layton!
    21. Massive Minecraft user statistics revealed
    22. Metroid 2 Nintendo eShop release date
    23. Activision clarifies concurrent Modern Warfare 3 Xbox Live figure
    24. Final Fantasy 13-2 story 30-40 hours long
    25. New Yakuza 5 details revealed
    26. Eurogamer's Top 10 Wii Games
    27. Eurogamer's Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games
    28. Eurogamer's Top 10 Xbox 360 Games
    29. Eurogamer's Top 10 PC Games
    30. Ancel shows off Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage
    1. Dance Central 2 gets Lady Gaga DLC
    2. Enterprising gamer wants to be your virtual FPS bodyguard
    3. DC Universe revenue up 700% post free-to-play
    4. Uncharted 3 aiming controls to be patched
    5. Kojima: "We'll probably have to make Metal Gear Solid 5"
    6. Jak and Daxter Collection dated and detailed
    7. Max Payne 3 special edition detailed
    8. Another Hitman game announced
    9. Vodafone is Sony's "preferred partner" for 3G Vita in UK
    10. Saturday Soapbox: Loathing the Enemy
    11. Saturday Soapbox: Faster, Pussycat?
    12. Saturday Soapbox: Nintendo's creative decline
    13. Saturday Soapbox: The Scourge of Free to Play*
    14. Saturday Soapbox: Pay Up or Shut Up
    15. Saturday Soapbox: Tempus Fugitives
    16. Saturday Soapbox: Careful What You Choose
    17. Saturday Soapbox: Gaming's Greatest Story
    18. Saturday Soapbox: The Arcade Fire Dies
    19. Saturday Soapbox: Are Games Racist, Sexist - Or Just Bad?
    20. Saturday Soapbox: 3DS Six Months On
    21. Saturday Soapbox: Horrible Bosses
    22. Saturday Soapbox: The Trouble With Tie-ins
    23. Saturday Soapbox: Something Borrowed
    24. Saturday Soapbox: The Madness of Release Date Congestion
    25. Saturday Soapbox: Failure is Not an Option
    26. Game of the Week: Clash of Heroes HD
    27. Game of the Week: Portal 2
    28. Game of the Week: Outland
    29. Game of the Week: Sequence
    30. Game of the Week: Brink
    31. Game of the Week: The Witcher 2
    32. Game of the Week: DiRT 3
    33. Game of the Week: Child of Eden
    34. Game of the Week: Shadows of the Damned
    35. Game of the Week: Zookeeper DX Touch Edition
    36. Game of the Week: Solatorobo
    37. Game of the Week: Team Fortress 2
    38. Game of the Week: Bastion
    39. Game of the Week: From Dust
    40. Game of the Week: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
    41. Game of the Week: Dungeons of Dredmor
    42. Game of the Week: Xenoblade Chronicles
    43. Game of the Week: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    44. Game of the Week: Driver: San Francisco
    45. Game of the Week: El Shaddai
    46. Game of the Week: Radiant Silvergun
    47. Game of the Week: Gears of War 3
    48. Game of the Week: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
    49. Game of the Week: Dark Souls
    50. Game of the Week: Forza 4
    51. Game of the Week: Batman: Arkham City
    52. Game of the Week: Battlefield 3 Multiplayer
    53. Game of the Week: Uncharted 3
    54. Game of the Week: Skyrim
    55. Game of the Week: Zelda: Skyward Sword
    56. The Secret World Preview
    57. Chrono Trigger iOS releases next month
    58. Tomb Raider movie is a "very different" origin story
    59. Video game rentals to eradicate pre-owned sales?
    60. Infinity Ward bans Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 cheaters
    61. Nintendo: 3DS will recreate Brain Age success
    62. Vindictus Review
    63. Console Diablo 3 given unprecedented Blizzard commitment
    64. "Significant" Battlefield 3 PC update due this week
    65. World of Warcraft 7th anniversary Celebration Package
    66. SE wants to release a Final Fantasy every year or two
    67. UK Top 40: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 denies Assassin's Creed
    68. Pixel Art: The End of an Era?
    69. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta release date revealed
    70. Mario & Sonic at the London Olympic Games Review
    1. Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
    1. Face-Off: Assassin's Creed: Revelations
    1. EA faces lawsuit for breaking PS3 Battlefield promise
    2. Witcher dev making two "AAA+" games for 2014/15
    3. Call of Duty Elite at full strength by 1st December
    4. What if Uncharted 3 ran at 60FPS?
    5. Rampage movie in the works
    6. Starhawk closed beta starts next week
    7. Rockstar: we "adore" Bully
    8. Buy Saints Row: The Third on PS3, get SR2 free
    9. Why the Call of Duty brand can't compete with Star Wars
    10. Guerrilla making a new Killzone - report
    11. Trion teases Rift expansion pack plans, possible content
    12. How 9/11 changed Grand Theft Auto 3
    13. Retrospective: King's Field
    14. Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Review
    15. Reduced PlayStation game sharing policy comes into effect
    16. 4m play League of Legends every day
    17. THQ: Wii U tablet will enhance uDraw games
    18. Black developer's new game, Enemy Front, announced
    19. Cheap Super Meat Boy Steam bundle includes Half-Life 2
    20. Arma 2 dev Bohemia shares alarming PC piracy statistic
    21. Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition has bonus character and mission
    22. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword UK price roundup
    23. Mechwarrior Online a CryEngine 3 game
    24. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review
    25. GameStop sells 600,000 Call of Duty Elite memberships
    1. Sega buys Spiral Knights/Doctor Who developer
    2. Soulcalibur 5 newcomer Xiba unveiled
    3. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC schedule
    4. 3DS, Kinect dominate kids' Christmas wishlist
    5. Del Toro, Levine speak out against cutscenes
    6. Torchlight 2 delayed until 2012
    7. Why Nintendo isn't interested in paid DLC
    8. DC Universe DLC expansion announced
    9. Iron Brigade release date announced, finally
    10. Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD PS3 complete
    11. Lawyers hold up Doom 3 source code release
    12. Resident Evil Revelations online initially locked
    13. to take on Steam, Origin with addition of new games
    14. Epic uses DLC to "actively fight" pre-owned "culture"
    15. Brink dev Splash Damage making Marvel game for Disney?
    16. Square Enix signs Unreal Engine 3 for "multiple" unannounced games
    17. SWTOR upcoming beta weekend dates revealed
    18. Activision: Call of Duty Elite status improving
    19. Medieval Moves Review
    20. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sets new five-day entertainment record
    21. Del Toro's Insane "really, really nasty"
    22. EA promises "more equitable rules" on player bans
    23. Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Review
    24. Will Wright announces HiveMind
    25. Bethesda's Skyrim challenge accepted: parents name baby Dovahkiin
    26. Metal Gear Solid Rising switches producer
    27. PETA: anti-Mario campaign just a joke
    28. Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Review
    1. "Finished" Minecraft out this Friday
    2. Saints Row: The Third PS3 sweetener announced
    3. Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland gets Euro release
    4. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster DLC announced
    5. Just Cause dev announces Project Mamba
    6. Japan chart: MGS Peace Walker HD off to slow start
    7. The Sly Trilogy coming to PSN
    8. Minecraft gets iOS release
    9. Next Xbox to launch late 2012 - report
    10. Final Fantasy 13-2 PS3/360 performance gap "a lot smaller"
    11. Skyrim sells over 3.5 million in 48 hours
    12. Final Fantasy 13-2 Preview
    13. Eco-FPS Xotic out now on Xbox Live Arcade
    14. Dress as Link, get The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword free
    15. F1 2011 a PlayStation Vita launch game
    16. SWTOR had over 1m hours of testing last weekend
    17. Mega Drive Strider coming to European Virtual Console
    18. UFC Undisputed 3 Preview
    19. Square Enix hints at Final Fantasy 15 as an action RPG
    20. Skyrim players call for PS3 save file bug fix
    21. 3D Classics Kirby's Adventure launches on Nintendo eShop
    22. Trion's Scott Hartsman on Rift subscribers, free-to-play and money
    23. Activision "misspoke" in casting doubt on Call of Duty Elite PC
    24. BioWare may tweak the Mass Effect 3 story based on feedback to leaked script
    25. Super Street Fighter 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record hit Origin
    26. Gears of War 3 title update 2 released
    1. Why Joe Danger: Special Edition tweaks are 360-exclusive
    2. First Uncharted 3 DLC pack announced
    3. PEGI implementation delayed again
    4. Sony announces Vita pre-order extras
    5. Double Fine explains Iron Brigade delay
    6. First Assassin's Creed: Revelations DLC announced
    7. Epic announces Game Jam winners
    8. Texture problems hit Xbox 360 Skyrim
    9. "Comprehensive" new Brink update detailed
    10. 12,000 Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Keys
    11. Bethesda working on a Skyrim update for all platforms
    12. Saints Row: The Third Review
    13. Eve Online Crucible winter expansion release date
    14. Activision can't guarantee Call of Duty Elite will launch on PC
    15. Face-Off: Skyrim
    16. Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack live
    17. Assassin's Creed: Revelations online pass details
    18. L.A. Forensic: Brendan McNamara on L.A. Noire
    19. Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy 5 PSN release dates
    20. Patapon 3 gets free DLC today
    21. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge to be Wii U launch title
    22. Konami dishes out Silent Hill release dates
    23. Call of Duty Elite mobile app delayed
    24. 3DS to outperform DS first year sales in US
    25. Mega Drive Super Street Fighter 2 hits Virtual Console
    26. Saints Row: The Third PS3 exclusive mode missing
    27. Nintendo responds to PETA Mario pro-fur claim
    28. The Xbox is 10 years old today
    29. Boom Street release date announced
    30. Need for Speed: The Run Review
    31. Levine: "no need" to get BioShock movie made
    32. Treyarch regrets Black Ops Second Chance perk
    33. PlayStation Move game Sorcery still alive
    1. COD vs BF3 sales war: who's the real victor?
    2. Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 disappearing save files
    3. Minecraft Easter egg spotted in Skyrim
    4. PETA: Mario is pro-fur
    5. Ono: all Street Fighter X Tekken updates will be DLC
    6. Live action clip announces Halo Living Monument
    7. Out This Week - 18/11/11
    8. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Review
    9. Star Trek Online free-to-play launch date
    10. Rayman Origins Review
    11. Dead Island Bloodbath Arena DLC release date announced
    12. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review
    13. The cloud is coming to Xbox - Microsoft exec
    14. UK top 40: Modern Warfare 3 sells fewer than Black Ops
    15. Black Mario Kart Wii bundle announced
    16. PS3 Need for Speed: The Run has 7 exclusive cars
    17. Dragon's Dogma: killing innocents lowers your charisma
    18. Battlefield 3 bans bring the pain to cheaters
    19. Xbox Live gains a new member every two seconds
    20. Internet sleuths reckon they've found Grand Theft Auto 5's lead actor
    21. Mega Man an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC skin
    1. Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3
    2. Battlefield 3, Arkham City dominate October US sales
    1. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Review
    2. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim UK price roundup
    3. Batman: Arkham City PC delayed
    4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 biggest entertainment launch ever
    5. Nvidia: Battlefield 3 shows PC is "dramatically better than consoles"
    6. Polyphony "working on Gran Turismo 6 already"
    7. New lets you cancel Xbox Live auto-renewal
    8. Battlefield 3: the features DICE may tweak
    9. Skyrim Xbox 360: cleared cache may increase save game load times
    10. Fusion: Genesis Review
    11. EA: how to fix FIFA 12 game crashes
    12. Saint's Row: The Third dildo gimped in Japan
    13. F2P DC Universe Online welcomes 1 million new players
    14. Sony unveils UMD Passport, PSP to Vita charge
    15. How to change your Steam password
    16. Rayman Origins sales will help Beyond Good & Evil 2
    17. CD Projekt: Witcher 2 sales vindicate DRM-free decision
    18. Cave Story 3D Review
    1. Halo Reach gets Anniversary map pack next week
    2. Valve confirms Steam security breach
    3. Saints Row: The Third season pass confirmed
    4. EverQuest 2 goes free-to-play next month
    5. FIFA Ultimate Team XBL account hijacks were "not a hack"
    6. Limbo racks up one million sales
    7. Call of Duty Elite members get one month free
    8. Richard Garriott lambasts 2011 Ultima Online
    9. Face-Off: Modern Warfare 3
    10. Sony: Uncharted 3 day one global sales
    11. Angry Birds boxed for PC, costs £10
    12. Gotham City Imposters release date announced
    13. Gotham City's "sensual" voice option
    14. Gotham City Impostors beta details
    15. Shop lists God of War 4 for September 2012 release
    16. Royal Opera House gets into games
    17. EA: downloadable Battlefield 3 on PS3 has "issues"
    18. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Review
    19. Assassin's Creed: Revelations doesn't have always-on DRM
    20. Brendan McNamara: "I'd rather people just ring me up and tell me to f*** off"
    21. Miyamoto considering 2D Zelda remakes
    22. Fils-Aime: 3DS launch "lessons learned" for Wii U
    23. Epic refutes Gears of War 3 PC evidence
    24. Bethesda: developing for PC is "a headache"
    25. EA: there is going to be a Battlefield 4
    26. Star Wars: Identities is not a video game
    27. Super Mario 3D Land Review
    28. Jak & Daxter Trilogy Collection confirmed
    1. Capcom sells Dead Rising: OTR cheats as DLC
    2. Brendan McNamara is making the video game of "one of the great untold stories of the 20th Century"
    3. The Simpsons Arcade Game to get console port - report
    4. Battlefield 3 passes Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live activity chart
    5. Skyrim promises players infinite quests
    6. Trine 2 PC release date announced
    7. McNamara: why you thought LA Noire's characters were "dead from the neck down"
    8. Japan chart: Super Mario 3D Land inspires huge 3DS sales surge
    9. New Mass Effect 3 co-op details
    10. Three more Game of Thrones tie-ins announced
    11. EU PlayStation Store update 9th November
    12. Ubisoft announces Drawsome tablet for Wii
    13. XCOM release delayed
    14. Konami: PES has "definitely lost ground" to FIFA in UK
    15. Lucasfilm domains reveal Star Wars: Identities
    16. Assassin's Creed: Revelations has first-person missions
    17. 20 million COD Black Ops map packs sold
    18. Modern Warfare 3 day 1 shipments "largest in history"
    19. BurgerTime World Tour Review
    20. PETA condemns brutal Battlefield 3 rat stabbing
    21. World of Warcraft subscribers fall to 10.3 million
    22. "Special" BioShock Infinite PS Move peripheral planned
    1. Wii U to support two tablet controllers - report
    2. Game devs' favourite is Baldur's Gate
    3. Take-Two: LA Noire "has become an important franchise"
    4. Total Recall MMO announced
    5. Ninja Theory invites Devil May Cry elite to test DmC
    6. Saints Row 4 already in planning stages
    7. Sledgehammer: Modern Warfare 3 isn't camper-friendly
    8. Driver: San Francisco sales were "better than planned"
    9. Podcast #89
    10. PS3 software maintenance next Tuesday
    11. Infinity Ward: it's "better for the industry" if MW3 and BF3 succeed
    12. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon heads to PC
    13. Star Wars Old Republic gains "additional security" pre launch
    14. Limited Edition Zelda Anniversary 3DS bundle
    15. Ubisoft "big believers" in Wii U "potential"
    16. Bookies paying out on Call of Duty for Xmas no. 1
    17. Survey finds Japan uninterested in Wii U, Vita
    18. Battlefield 3 server status web page launched
    19. PSN game Rochard heading to Steam
    20. Zelda: Skyward Sword has robots
    21. Final Fantasy 13-2 bosses are tougher
    22. Rockstar controls information so games feel "magical"
    23. F2P DC Universe Online player numbers soar
    24. Activision working to fix Call of Duty Elite issues
    25. Prototype 2 gets iOS puzzle tie-in
    26. Nintendo eShop update - 10/11/11
    27. Call of Duty: Elite released on Xbox Live
    28. Out This Week - 11/11/11
    29. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review
    30. Skyrim UK midnight launches announced
    1. Designer of first ever console: "What I created got abominated."
    2. First image from new Alan Wake game
    3. BBFC dismisses Modern Warfare 3 London bombings comparison
    4. Uncharted 3 aiming fix could be incoming
    5. NBA Jam: On Fire tops October PSN chart
    6. Sony put on negative credit watch
    7. Factor 5's cancelled Sony exclusive detailed
    8. First image from new BioWare franchise released
    9. Mass Effect 3 story files leaked
    10. Why are the Steam forums offline?
    11. Best Buy UK closing down all its shops
    12. Editor's Blog: In Memory of Allie Fraser
    13. Star Wars pre-orders net up to five days early play
    14. Nintendo patents Wii Remote touch pad
    15. Wii going for £89 at Asda
    16. UK Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 price roundup
    17. Digital sales to overtake boxed sales by 2015 - survey
    18. Sledgehammer defends controversial Modern Warfare 3 content
    19. Armed robbers steal 6000 copies of Modern Warfare 3
    20. Tech Analysis: Battlefield 3 PC
    21. Watch the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 London launch online
    22. GameCity Discussions: Richard Lemarchand & Eric Chahi
    23. UK Top 40: Battlefield 3 denies Uncharted 3
    24. Activision: no plans to ban "legit" early MW3 players
    25. Mass Effect 3 beta leak reveals campaign game modes
    26. Trials HD developer explains Ubisoft buy-out
    27. Minecraft sells 4 million copies
    28. Silent Hill: Downpour design director walks
    29. Retrospective: Crash Bandicoot
    1. Take On Helicopters hides smart anti-piracy tech
    2. Rayman Origins demo release date announced
    3. Digital Foundry vs. Uncharted 3
    1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution sells 2.18 million
    2. Obsidian boss brands online pass "a gimmick"
    3. Sledgehammer: PS3/360 "raw horsepower" nearly exhausted
    4. Nintendo: Next 3DS Zelda "to be original"
    5. Lego Universe to close in January
    6. Gunstringer dev: Kinect was "fun ride"
    7. Gearbox honours cancer victim in Borderlands 2
    8. Resident Evil: ORC a response to move and shoot control complaints
    9. UK Modern Warfare 3 midnight launches
    10. Harmonix developing "multiple new music games"
    11. Konami dev: many Western gamers have no interest in Japanese games
    12. Alan Wake dev defends XBLA decision
    13. Microsoft was Fable dev Lionhead's "saviour"
    14. EA: multiplayer now an "expectation"
    15. Naughty Dog lead designer discusses Uncharted 3 review
    16. DoDonPachi Resurrection: Deluxe Edition Review
    17. Lord of the Rings: War in the North demo released exclusively on OnLive
    18. PSP and PS3 game download activations decreased
    19. 3DS firmware update adds join friends option
    20. Bit.Trip games coming to UK shops on Wii and 3DS
    21. Tekken 3D Prime Edition release date spotted
    22. Microsoft: play Modern Warfare 3 early, risk an Xbox Live ban
    23. Naughty Dog: "PS3 still has a lot of mileage"
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