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Layoffs threaten Star Trek - Infinite Space

Beta "currently on pause until further notice".

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Star Trek - Infinite Space may never get the chance to boldly go where no other free to play browser based MMO has gone before after creator Gameforge axed 100 staff.

The German publisher made the cuts as part of a company-wide restructure that saw the cancellation of HellBreed and Mythos.

Now Star Trek - Infinite Space, its biggest game, is under threat, and plans for a beta - previously pegged for release "soon" - have been halted.

"What that means for the game is that the plans for the Beta are currently on pause until further notice while we explore the options for a co-publishing partnership," the company said in a note on the Star Trek - Infinite Space website.

"For the time being, nothing will change. When we know for sure what the future holds for us, we will keep you informed."

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