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Alan Wake's Night Springs coming to XBLA

Story, arcade modes spotted.

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The forthcoming Alan Wake spin-off for Xbox Live Arcade is named Alan Wake's Night Springs and will feature both story and arcade modes, a leaked screenshot has revealed.

A screenshot of the game's title screen, posted by XBLA Fans, who first leaked Night Spring's existence back in May, spills the beans.

In the original Alan Wake game, Night Springs was a television show similar to the Twilight Zone, written by Wake himself. Various episodes were available to watch, most centring on paranormal or science fiction themes.

Will Night Springs the game take place within these episodes?

The game's title screen also lists a Collectibles section and a direct link to the Xbox Live Marketplace, suggesting Remedy may expand the game via additional episodes.

The first Alan Wake's Night Springs screenshot will be revealed on Monday, the official Alan Wake Facebook page confirms, with more information to follow at the annual VGA event on 10th December. "Are you ready to become the Champion of Light?", the statement posted by Remedy asks.

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