Alan Wake's American Nightmare


Control developer Remedy working on Alan Wake 2 - report

As part of studio's deal with Epic Games.

Xbox backwards compatibility list, with all Xbox 360 games and original Xbox games playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X

A list of every supported Xbox game, from Alan Wake to Zuma, on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Alan Wake developer Remedy regains publishing rights

UPDATE: Teases Alan Wake going multiplatform.

Remedy is working on two new games

But neither is Alan Wake 2.

Trials HD and Lego Batman added to Xbox One backwards compatibility

Along with Alan Wake's American Nightmare and Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space.

Footage released of canned Alan Wake 2 prototype

Remedy recalls sequel plans, and beyond.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

"Time will tell" on chances of Alan Wake sequel.

Remedy on why Alan Wake 2 isn't happening right now

Alan Wake Humble Bundle goes on sale.

Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

UPDATE 2: Quantum Break will also be a TV show which will interact with the game.

New Alan Wake game teased by developer

Set in a town named Ordinary?

Alan Wake's American Nightmare PC release confirmed

Steam pre-orders are live, get 25% off.

Alan Wake dev starts work on next-gen project

Remedy staffing up to create "games of the future".

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry vs. Alan Wake

American Nightmare and the PC port go under the microscope.

Digital Foundry | Alan Wake's American Nightmare V-Sync Tests Video

Ever wondered why games have screen tear? Here's a comparison of the same game with tearing and with v-sync engaged.

Digital Foundry | Alan Wake's American Nightmare Performance Video

A look at how Remedy's game runs in default mode across a number of different stages.

Remedy teases Alan Wake's American Nightmare for PC

Plus, why it wasn't made for PSN as well as XBLA.

Video | Alan Wake's American Nightmare launch trailer

Atmospheric XBLA shooter arrives next week.

Remedy discusses Alan Wake 2

Next Xbox, shorter dev cycles and why it won't launch on PlayStation.

Video | Alan Wake's American Nightmare teaser trailer

Starring evil Wake doppelgänger Mr. Scratch.

Video | Alan Wake's American Nightmare gameplay

Guns blazing horde mode Fight 'til Dawn.

Video | More footage from Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Remedy talks up sci-fi B-movie inspiration.

Video | New Alan Wake's American Nightmare footage

Remedy talks us through XBLA horror follow-up.

Xbox Live Arcade House Party schedule confirmed

I Am Alive, Alan Wake's American Nightmare release dates.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is "4-5 hours long"

Remedy offers new details on XBLA spin-off.

Video | Alan Wake stars in XBLA House Party 2012 trailer

Plus Ubisoft's I Am Alive, Nexuiz and Warp.

Xbox Live Arcade House Party 2012 line-up

Alan Wake, I Am Alive, Warp, Nexuiz.

Remedy shines a light on Alan Wake's American Nightmare arcade mode

Fight till Dawn brings the pain. Story mode is "exaggerated pulp".

Alan Wake's American Nightmare box art spotted

Action hero-style Wake wielding a nail gun.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare to be more action-oriented

XBLA game to be faster-paced than original.

Video | Alan Wake's American Nightmare footage

New chapter bound for Xbox Live Arcade.

New Alan Wake XBLA trailer goes live

Remedy puts out cryptic teaser ahead of big reveal.

Video | New Alan Wake XBLA trailer

Remedy offers up a cryptic teaser.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare spotted

New name for XBLA Night Springs?

Alan Wake dev defends XBLA decision

Fans "assuming a lot" by judging spin-off.

Alan Wake's Night Springs coming to XBLA

Story, arcade modes spotted.