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Remedy on why Alan Wake 2 isn't happening right now

Alan Wake Humble Bundle goes on sale.

Remedy creative director Sam Lake has addressed fan reaction to the Alan Wake series not continuing in lieu of this Quantum Break thingamajig.

Essentially, it came down to Wake not performing well when it was first released, even though the series went on to sell over 3 million copies.

"When Alan Wake come out, it was not a huge hit on day one," Lake said. "The Alan Wake franchise has moved more than 3 million copies since, which is a nice figure. But when the game was released, that was not the case immediately."

As a result, Remedy couldn't secure funding for a full sequel. "Sure, we could have gone ahead and made something less ambitious, but we felt that that wouldn't have done justice to you guys, to us... and certainly would've have done justice to Alan Wake."

"Happily, we got the backing for something new. A new concept. A new IP. Something big. Bigger than we have created ever before."

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This being the case, Lake would like to continue work on the Alan Wake series at some point. "We definitely want to keep working on Alan Wake. I definitely want to create something new for Alan Wake when the time is right."

Until then, players can enjoy the entire series to date in this week's pay-what-you-will Alan Wake Humble Bundle. The bundle contains the original Alan Wake, its The Writer and The Signal DLC packs, and the standalone Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Additionally, it comes with loads of extra goodies like the soundtrack, an art book PDF, developer commentary videos, and never before seen Alan Wake screenplays and comic books.

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