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12th October 2010

Alan Wake: The Writer

28th September 2010

Alan Wake: The Writer trailer

There aren't many studios like Remedy, which relishes being a bit weird. How many studios slow jam their history to music? How many creative directors do a mini-striptease on stage and then dress as characters from their games? Remedy, the Finnish developer of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break does.

New Alan Wake not yet signed?

MS exec Phil Spencer reckons so.

Fancy a bit more Alan Wake action? You might have to wait a bit - Microsoft executive Phil Spencer reckons the next instalment has yet to find a publisher.

The next Wake is not Alan Wake 2

Remedy confirms next instalment.

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed to Eurogamer that "yes, more [Alan] Wake is coming!" But the Finnish developer said the new game won't be Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake: The Writer

Alan Wake: The Writer

Sleepy sendoff.

Editor's note: Reader beware! As a review of the second epilogue for a very narrative-led game, the following necessarily contains some spoilers for Alan Wake and previous episode The Signal. Proceed with caution.

When we last saw Alan Wake, victim of the world's worst case of writer's block, he was flailing his way through the all-consuming darkness of his own imagination in the game's first downloadable "Special Feature," The Signal. As we begin the second and final expansion, The Writer, Wake is still in that dark place, but he's not flailing anymore.

In fact, the hoodie-clad author seems to have popped a couple of quaaludes since the previous episode. In The Signal, and in much of the original game, Wake tended toward a snippy, bratty antihero, facing his plight with an air of unlikable petulance. The Writer is about Wake as Mr. Cool. He considers his circumstances with a careful methodology and then calmly pursues a course of action. The character's progression toward rationality makes sense in the context of the story, as Wake comes to grips with his own psyche. It is also quite boring.

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Alan Wake Writer DLC in October

"Every question needs an answer."

The last piece of downloadable Alan Wake content, The Writer, will be released on 12th October for 560 Microsoft Points (4.80 / 6.72).

No more DLC for Alan Wake

The Writer will "conclude things".

There will be no more downloadable content for Alan Wake following The Writer, Remedy boss Matias Myllrinne has said.