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Alan Wake's American Nightmare release date

Update: Or not?

Update: Digital Spy has updated its article to reflect the fact that while Microsoft's Xbox Live House Party promotion does indeed begin on 15th February, with one title launched per week, the order of those titles it originally suggested has yet to be confirmed.

Original story: Alan Wake's American Nightmare will launch on Xbox Live Arcade on 15th February, Digital Spy reports.

The action-orientated side-story kicks off Microsoft's upcoming 2012 Xbox Live House Party promotion. Three more high-profile downloadable games will follow on consecutive Wednesdays.

I Am Alive follows first, on 22nd February. This is a post-apocalyptic survival game by Ubisoft that was once due a full retail release, before being cancelled and remade from scratch.

THQ first-person shooter Nexiuz arrives on 29th February, followed by top-down EA adventure Warp on 7th March.

February also sees Microsoft launch the Must Have Games promotion for Windows Phone 7. It'll feature mobile versions of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp, Chickens Can't Fly and BulletAsylum.

The 2012 Xbox Live House Party in trailer form.