Nexuiz Review

You can't go back.

VideoNexuiz launch trailer for Xbox Live Arcade

THQ arena shooter on Xbox Marketplace tomorrow.

VideoNexuiz trailer reveals dynamic mutators

THQ shooter hitting XBLA on February 29th.

VideoAlan Wake stars in XBLA House Party 2012 trailer

Plus Ubisoft's I Am Alive, Nexuiz and Warp.

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Nexuiz PC beta goes live

Nexuiz PC beta goes live

DX11 and dedicated server come to arena shooter.

THQ's staunchly traditional arena shooter Nexuiz has now entered a public beta on PC, with the port of the Xbox 360 game - itself a port of an open-source PC game that began life as a Quake mod in 2005 - adding dedicated server and DX11 support.

The PC version introduces a handful of other improvements over the Xbox 360 version, including an increase in the game's speed to make it a more frantic experience.

Nexuiz launched on Xbox Live Arcade in March this year, though wasn't particularly well-received on its release. "Nexuiz leans too heavily on residual player goodwill, built up by older and better titles," said Dan Whitehead as he worked towards a 5/10, "but doesn't add enough fresh ideas of its own to escape those warm, fuzzy shackles of nostalgic indulgence."

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Nexuiz Review

Nexuiz Review

You can't go back.

Nostalgia is a comfortable trap, baited with the warm, fuzzy memories of a more innocent time when your mind was less bogged down with adult concerns, when simple pleasures were all you needed. It's a trap Nexuiz falls into almost immediately - and, for all its rudimentary charms, one it struggles to escape.

It seems strange to be pining for a multiplayer buzz when the landscape is strewn with first-person shooters clamouring for your attention, but Nexuiz taps into a neglected sub-genre in search of its fix: the arena shooter. With Unreal Tournament missing in action, and the rest of the pack chasing Call of Duty's cordite-scented tail, there's clearly a small gap in the market for an experience built on nothing more fancy than old-fashioned cat-and-mouse carnage.

Nexuiz, as it happens, has better credentials than you might expect. It's the commercial incarnation of an open-source PC game, itself based on a Quake mod, that's been building an enthusiastic community since 2005. Sadly, in crossing the hardware divide and picking up a price tag in the process, it's lost a lot of its charm and left its indie roots clumsily exposed.

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Xbox Live Arcade House Party schedule confirmed

Xbox Live Arcade House Party schedule confirmed

I Am Alive, Alan Wake's American Nightmare release dates.

Microsoft has revealed the release schedule for its impending Xbox Live Arcade House Party season.

First up on 15th February is EA's top-down puzzle adventure Warp, priced at 800 Points.

That's followed on 22nd February by survival horror spin-off Alan Wake's American Nightmare, priced at 1200 Points.

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare release date

Update: Digital Spy has updated its article to reflect the fact that while Microsoft's Xbox Live House Party promotion does indeed begin on 15th February, with one title launched per week, the order of those titles it originally suggested has yet to be confirmed.

Original story: Alan Wake's American Nightmare will launch on Xbox Live Arcade on 15th February, Digital Spy reports.

The action-orientated side-story kicks off Microsoft's upcoming 2012 Xbox Live House Party promotion. Three more high-profile downloadable games will follow on consecutive Wednesdays.

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