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Nexuiz PC beta goes live

DX11 and dedicated server come to arena shooter.

THQ's staunchly traditional arena shooter Nexuiz has now entered a public beta on PC, with the port of the Xbox 360 game - itself a port of an open-source PC game that began life as a Quake mod in 2005 - adding dedicated server and DX11 support.

The PC version introduces a handful of other improvements over the Xbox 360 version, including an increase in the game's speed to make it a more frantic experience.

Nexuiz launched on Xbox Live Arcade in March this year, though wasn't particularly well-received on its release. "Nexuiz leans too heavily on residual player goodwill, built up by older and better titles," said Dan Whitehead as he worked towards a 5/10, "but doesn't add enough fresh ideas of its own to escape those warm, fuzzy shackles of nostalgic indulgence."

Here's hoping that it finds its true home back on PC. The final version of Nexuiz launches there on May 3, and the beta can be found here.