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Arena shooter Nexuiz returns to Steam

Three years after server shutdown.

Remember Nexuiz, the arena first-person shooter pulled from Steam three years ago after publisher THQ went bust? It's back.

Developer IllFonic has self-published the game on Steam, where it costs £7.99 (it's £3.99 until 22nd March).

If you bought Nexuiz for Xbox 360 you can get a copy for Steam by visiting the Nexuiz website.

Illfonic used CryEngine 3 to create Nexuiz, which was based on the original free game developed by Alientrap. After THQ closed down in 2012, the servers were taken offline and the game was removed from Xbox Live Arcade.

While the PC version of Nexuiz is back from the dead, it doesn't look like there's life in the Xbox 360 version, which is understandable given the age of the console.

Meanwhile, development of Xonotic, the renamed original Nexuiz, continues as a free and open-source game.

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