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THQ makes Nexuiz publishing deal official

Arena shooter out early 2012.

THQ has made official its rumoured deal to publish sci-fi arena FPS Nexuiz.

Nexuiz is a downloadable PC (Steam and other digital platforms), PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade game set for launch in early 2012. Up to eight players battle in competitive multiplayer, which features 100 different Dynamic Mutators that change the match on the fly.

The CryEngine 3-powered shooter is created by Illfonic, and is a re-imagining of Alien Trap's cult PC hit. It costs $9.99 (UK/EU pricing remains unannounced).

THQ has partnered with Machinima to promote the game. "We were very excited when we saw an early iteration of what Illfonic was creating and believe it will breathe new life into the arena-genre as a whole," said Machinima boss Allen DeBevoise.

Its debut trailer is below.