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Nexuiz Xbox 360 servers turned off as THQ asset sale looms

Developer to maintain PC servers itself.

The servers powering shooter Nexuiz on Xbox 360 have been shut down.

The news comes amid the sale of publisher THQ's remaining assets, which include Homeworld, Darksiders, Red Faction and, of course, Nexuiz.

The developer of the game, Illfonic, said the servers were being run by THQ so, as you'd expect, can't be maintained. Illfonic will keep the PC servers, which it controls, up and running itself.

"It was fun while it lasted on there and we are glad you guys enjoyed the game!" Illfonic said in a Facebook post.

Some players reacted angrily to the news, which comes less than a year after the launch of the game.

"Can I have a refund then?" asked Jaime Sanchez, "'cause that's BS. You guys couldn't even support it for a year. What a waste of money and I bought it day one."

Others pointed out it was the collapse of THQ that caused the closure of the game's servers, and Illfonic was not to blame.

"Sad to see this happen but seriously, you people demanding your money back," wrote Kelechi Iwuoha.

"It was like $10 when it came out and I'm pretty sure it didn't hurt your pockets that bad that you need the reimbursement. I personally loved the game on Xbox and PC and feel I at least got my $ worth.

"Good luck in your future work Illfonic."

Illfonic addressed a fan who suggested the developer gain control of the Xbox 360 servers and bring them back online.

"It certainly is a possibility,2 the developer said. "Unfortunately, at this time we just cannot justify the cost. Anyone who buys Nexuiz on XBLA would be sending money to THQ, not IllFonic, so we wouldn't be getting any money to help with the server costs (which are really pricey).

"The PC costs are next to nothing outside of our daily operating costs, so it isn't an issue for us to keep it running. If anyone has any complaints about getting points back/etc. they need to bring that up with THQ and not IllFonic - we don't have any control over that kind of stuff.

"Nexuiz should be removed from the XBLA store soon (if it hasn't already)."

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