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Remedy is working on two new games

But neither is Alan Wake 2.

Max Payne and Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment is working on two news games, but neither of them will be related to Alan Wake.

Remedy's head of communications, Thomas Puha, confirmed this in a state of the studio blog post. "We're working on something else, but at the same time we're exploring opportunities in other mediums to tell more Alan Wake stories," he wrote.

Puha said that Remedy has expanded into two development teams, which is a first for the studio that's previously put all of its resources into one giant blockbuster.

"For a while now already, we've been developing a brand new Remedy game with a new partner. Our second team is working on an early concept, which will turn into another Remedy game sometime in the future," Puha stated.

"We can't wait to show and tell your more about these new projects, but if there's anything we've learned from the past, it's that we should have the patience to announce games when they're ready enough. So don't expect us take the stage at E3 or Gamescom this year."

Remedy confirmed that it will "continue supporting Quantum Break," as this was the best-selling new IP from Microsoft Studios this console generation.

The studio has developed at least one prototype of Alan Wake 2, but nothing has solidified on that front. "We'd love an opportunity to do more Wake," Remedy boss Sam Lake told Eurogamer back in March. "We're obviously fully focussed on Quantum Break, but we're always prototyping things on the side, bouncing around ideas."

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