Quantum Break

A slick yet hollow hybrid of television and third-person shooting, Quantum Break sees electric style winning out over a lack of substance.


Digital Foundry | Bugged visuals mar Quantum Break's impressive Xbox One X upgrade

A big resolution boost and smooth performance - but visual artefacts are distracting.

Xbox One X comes hand in hand with massive downloads

Want to play Gears of War 4 in 4K? Brace yourself for 103GB.

Alan Wake developer's next game gathers pace

Publisher secured, release platforms confirmed.

Remedy's next game will be on PS4 too

Its first on Sony hardware since 2003.

Remedy is making the story mode for Korean shooter CrossFire 2

The sequel to 2013's top-grossing F2P game.

Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April

Quantum Break lags behind at seventh place.

Digital Foundry | Has Remedy fixed Quantum Break on PC?

Patch 1.7 allows 60fps and adds an option to remove upscaling - but big problems persist.

Quantum Break UK's best-selling boxed game

UPDATE: Best-selling new Microsoft Studios IP this generation, too.

Digital Foundry | What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

Poor performance, UWP limitations, crashing Nvidia drivers - and a 50fps limit on 60Hz monitors. This isn't good.

Quantum Break makes pirates wear an eye-patch

Playing without being logged into the Windows Store works, too.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Quantum Break

Digital Foundry on what works and what doesn't in Remedy's latest.

Video | Watch: Ian plays 90 minutes of Quantum Break on Xbox One

Live at 3:30pm. Unless you're a time traveller, then you can watch it whenever you want.

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Quantum Break

UPDATE: Remedy reveals resolution and anti-aliasing details.

"I was slightly confused by the reaction"

Remedy on Quantum Break coming to PC - and everything you can expect from the port.

Quantum Break TV episodes will be streamed, not on disc

"We had to backpedal and think of some good solutions."

No, Quantum Break won't launch on Steam

"[Fans] might not always agree with everything we do."

Quantum Break is coming to PC, too

You get it free if you pre-order the Xbox One version.

Feature | Phil Spencer on Xbox's big year

The importance of exclusives, PC, VR and more.

Quantum Break release date revealed

Game of Thrones' Littlefinger joins cast.

Microsoft Gamescom 2015 conference live report

Quantum Break! Scalebound! Crackdown! Halo Wars 2! All the news as it happened.

Remedy boss leaves after 15 years to join Wargaming

Insists Xbox One game Quantum Break unaffected and in good health.

Video | Video: Games that should have been at E3 (but weren't)

Also from Outside Xbox: Far Cry 4's villain and devastating spoilers.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break out in 2015

Video shows off new gameplay footage.

Gameplay footage of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break

And new iOS project Agents of Storm.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

"Time will tell" on chances of Alan Wake sequel.

Feature | Xbox One: the story so far

The console, the controversies, and the remaining questions.

After Microsoft's divisive "TV TV TV" Xbox One reveal, Sony's Kaz Hirai insists PS4 is "first and foremost" a game console

"If we miss that part, I don't think we get the initial establishment of the console."

Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

UPDATE 2: Quantum Break will also be a TV show which will interact with the game.