Quantum Break

A slick yet hollow hybrid of television and third-person shooting, Quantum Break sees electric style winning out over a lack of substance.


Quantum Break review

Time out of joint.

VideoWatch: Ian plays 90 minutes of Quantum Break on Xbox One

Live at 3:30pm. Unless you're a time traveller, then you can watch it whenever you want.

Phil Spencer on Xbox's big year

The importance of exclusives, PC, VR and more.

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Digital FoundryBugged visuals mar Quantum Break's impressive Xbox One X upgrade

A big resolution boost and smooth performance - but visual artefacts are distracting.

Out of the many Xbox One X upgrades we tested during the preview period, Quantum Break was one of the most intriguing, featuring the choice between 1080p and '4K' modes - both a leap over the base Xbox One's 720p - along with enhanced detail. Visually, it offered a night and day improvement over the existing version of the game, moving more into line with the PC release running on mid to high-end hardware. There was just one problem - performance. The good news is that frame-rate problems are essentially a non-issue in the final release, but the bad news is that several distracting visual bugs have been introduced: distracting artefacts that weren't in the port when we first looked at it.

Remedy's Quantum Break was announced for Xbox One X back at Gamescom and we managed to get a few minutes of time on the game, where first impressions were positive. The resolution upgrade was palpable and performance looked relatively solid. A couple of weeks on, and we managed to get a more extended hands-on with the X port of what is undoubtedly one of the generation's most technically challenging games. In some respects, the conversion is even more impressive than we thought, but in others, we hope to see some improvement before the title update releases alongside the console on November 7th.

There aren't many studios like Remedy, which relishes being a bit weird. How many studios slow jam their history to music? How many creative directors do a mini-striptease on stage and then dress as characters from their games? Remedy, the Finnish developer of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break does.

Quantum Break launches on Steam next month

Remedy's time-stopping action adventure Quantum Break will get a Steam release on 14th September, Microsoft has announced.

The game is already available on PC via the Windows Store, as well as on Xbox One, where it first launched.

Hopefully it will arrive in better shape than when the game did on Windows 10 back in April.

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Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April

Dark Souls 3 tops US retail sales for April

Quantum Break lags behind at seventh place.

Dark Souls 3 was the best-selling game in US retail for the month of April, analyst NPD Group has revealed.

NPD's Liam Callahan noted that Dark Souls 3 sales nearly doubled that of Dark Souls 2, when adjusted for days in the market. Publisher Bandai Namco recently boasted about it shipping 3m copies worldwide in a month.

Taking second place in US retail for April was Insomniac's PS4-exclusive Ratchet & Clank reboot.

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Digital FoundryHas Remedy fixed Quantum Break on PC?

Patch 1.7 allows 60fps and adds an option to remove upscaling - but big problems persist.

Quantum Break was left in a bit of state at the PC version's launch, but this week we have update 1.7 - a whopping 27GB patch - to potentially address its issues. Ranging from stuttering frame-rates owing to a 50fps cap on 60Hz displays, a 30fps mode with severe frame-pacing issues, and also driver crashes on Nvidia cards - it all left a bad taste in the mouths of those who'd spent so much on the game at launch. The good news is that with Remedy's latest patch things are looking brighter, and while there are still some major issues, it is indeed possible to play the game at a straight 1080p60.

Quantum Break UK's best-selling boxed game

UPDATE: Best-selling new Microsoft Studios IP this generation, too.

UPDATE: Microsoft has said Quantum Break is now the best-selling new Microsoft Studios IP this generation, as well as being the best-selling boxed game in the UK this week.

Digital FoundryWhat went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

Poor performance, UWP limitations, crashing Nvidia drivers - and a 50fps limit on 60Hz monitors. This isn't good.

Quantum Break has arrived on the PC and to suggest that the results are disappointing would be a massive understatement. PC gamers are left out in the cold with another high profile release failing to deliver expected levels of performance, features and customisation. As things stand, it simply isn't possible to achieve a smooth frame-rate on any PC hardware configuration and thanks to the profound limitations imposed on gamers by the Universal Windows Platform, there's no way to fix it.

Quantum Break makes pirates wear an eye-patch

Quantum Break makes pirates wear an eye-patch

Playing without being logged into the Windows Store works, too.

Quantum Break's PC version will give your character an eye-patch if it thinks you are playing a pirated copy.

But you can also trigger the costume change by simply starting the game after logging out of the Windows Store, a Reddit user has discovered.

Developer Remedy had hinted at a piracy-themed Easter egg for people using a cracked copy. On the studio's Windows 10 version FAQ page, under "Jack looks like a pirate", the developer replied: "DRM might've accidentally triggered. Reboot the game and eat a lot of vitamin C."

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Digital FoundryTech Analysis: Quantum Break

Digital Foundry on what works and what doesn't in Remedy's latest.

It's been years in the making, but Remedy's Quantum Break is finally ready. The Finnish team's love of slow-motion will seemingly never die - and it finds a good home this time in a time-bending action title that focuses on moving in and out of time while shooting your way through a character-driven narrative. Within minutes of starting the game it becomes evident that Quantum Break is one of the most impressive looking titles on Xbox One. In a move that exudes confidence, the press has been given access to the game for weeks now - something of a rarity these days - and that has given us plenty of time to fully appreciate just what's on offer. It's not surprising that a lot of controversy has formed around the resolution of the game but as the fervour around this issue dies down, hopefully the wider range of its technical ambition can come into focus.

Quantum Break review

Quantum Break review

Time out of joint.

Six years ago, Helsinki-based independent Remedy Entertainment came in for criticism that, with the long-awaited Alan Wake, it sometimes seemed more interested in making a film than it did a video game. Its follow-up feels like a typically Finnish stroke of dour, deadpan humour: with Xbox One and Windows exclusive Quantum Break, it's gone in wholeheartedly and made a full live-action movie.

Quantum Break

Publisher: Remedy Entertainment

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VideoWatch: Ian plays 90 minutes of Quantum Break on Xbox One

Live at 3:30pm. Unless you're a time traveller, then you can watch it whenever you want.

Quantum Break is a curious game. Curious because, even this close to launch, no-one is one hundred percent sure what it actually is or how its various elements are supposed to work.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry: Hands-on with Quantum Break

UPDATE: Remedy reveals resolution and anti-aliasing details.

UPDATE 22/3/16 9:00am: Remedy has released a statement explaining resolution and image quality on Quantum Break. It verifies our initial hypothesis on how the game produces its presentation - a 720p base resolution with temporal reconstruction - but adds new detail, such as the addition of high quality multi-sampling anti-aliasing to the mix:

"I was slightly confused by the reaction"

Remedy on Quantum Break coming to PC - and everything you can expect from the port.

When Microsoft announced Quantum Break would launch on PC alongside Xbox One, it wasn't quite the warm homecoming developer Remedy might have expected. Some fans were upset that the live action/third-person shooter hybrid would no longer be an Xbox One exclusive, taking to Twitter in a series of outbursts that were aimed at Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

Quantum Break includes a trailer for Alan Wake's Return

Alan Wake's Return, which popped up last week in domain name and trademark listings filed by developer Remedy, is real. Sort of.

Hidden in Quantum Break is a live action trailer, viewable on an in-game TV set. But rather than a new game, it sounds like Alan Wake's Return is a live-action adaptation.

The trailer has yet to surface online, but details posted by Polygon detail the reappearance of Wake, presumably after the events of the original game and spin-off American Nightmare.

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No, Quantum Break won't launch on Steam

No, Quantum Break won't launch on Steam

"[Fans] might not always agree with everything we do."

Quantum Break will not launch on Steam, Microsoft has confirmed, just via the Windows 10 Store.

The time-manipulation shooter/movie hybrid was originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, but was also confirmed for PC last week.

"Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive," Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg explained via the latest Major Nelson podcast (thanks, DualShockers).

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Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

Microsoft's announcement of a Windows 10 version of Quantum Break has sparked a debate about the rights and wrongs of previously Xbox One exclusives coming to PC.

Overnight, Xbox boss Phil Spencer replied to a number of angry Xbox One owners who felt the existence of a PC version of Remedy's game devalued their purchase.

Here's a snippet of the Twitter exchanges Spencer had last night.

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Phil Spencer on Xbox's big year

The importance of exclusives, PC, VR and more.

What a difference one man and 18 months can make. Before Phil Spencer took over at Xbox, the brand was in troubled waters. Questionable policy decisions had shook Xbox and mired the early days of its new console in acrimony, and even though Microsoft wisely chose to listen to concerned consumers it's been working hard to regain the momentum lost ever since. As it heads into a vital fourth quarter of 2015, the momentum has definitely returned: the broadening of the Xbox brand to PC was helped by the relatively smooth roll-out of Windows 10, the Xbox division just turned a neat profit and, while it still falls short in sales to Sony's PlayStation 4, its line-up for the remainder of the year looks significantly stronger than its opposition's.

Quantum Break release date revealed

Quantum Break release date revealed

Game of Thrones' Littlefinger joins cast.

Time-bending Xbox One-exclusive shooter Quantum Break will launch on 5th April 2016.

Alan Wake developer Remedy Studios revealed the release date during Microsoft's still-ongoing Gamescom 2015 press conference.

Irish actor Aidan Gillen, best known for playing the plotting Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, was also revealed to have joined the cast.

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Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break leaps to 2016

Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed its upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break has been delayed into 2016.

We've seen little of the part-game, part-TV show in recent months.

In a statement today, creative director Sam Lake announced the extra wait - but declined to give a reason beyond needing more time for "polish".

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Video: Claptrap is your new favourite vault hunter in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Hi Eurogamers, welcome to your weekly video airdrop from Outside Xbox, where this week's theme is misunderstood heroes - such as Claptrap of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The new Borderlands game has four new vault hunters, but it's Claptrap, the lovably rubbish robot who spent the previous Borderlands games annoying everyone, who makes the most interesting new recruit. Honestly, he's not as useless as you think. Take a look.

Equally misunderstood are giant monsters. Monsters wrecking up the place is business as usual for video games, but it's time someone told the monster's side of the story. That's what Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock does in Evolve, in which you play a monster against a team of human-controlled monster hunters out to kill you for no reason other than that you're different. Also, you are trying to kill them. Discover the five most important lessons we learned while playing as the monster in new Evolve gameplay.

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You've seen the gameplay demo: Jack Joyce, the nondescript every-man hero of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, fights evil corporation goons in what looks like run-of-the-mill third-person cover shooting, made ever-so-slightly different by a dash of clichéd time powers and the odd exploding car. Slow down time to escape, throw a time bubble to catch bullets, rush enemies for a takedown, that sort of thing. Sure, the next game from Remedy, the team behind Max Payne and Alan Wake, looks pretty enough, but the action - what we've seen of it, anyway - just looks sort of okay.

Quantum Break gameplay footage debuts at Gamescom

Quantum Break gameplay footage debuts at Gamescom

Watch Remedy's latest in action.

Microsoft has at last shown the first gameplay footage of Quantum Break, its Xbox One-exclusive action-adventure game from Remedy, makers of Max Payne and Alan Wake.

You can watch the clip, which took its bow at Microsoft's Gamescom briefing, in full below. It shows stylish and technically impressive third-person shooter action - as you would expect from Remedy - and our hero Jack's time-manipulation abilities.

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VideoVideo: Games that should have been at E3 (but weren't)

Also from Outside Xbox: Far Cry 4's villain and devastating spoilers.

Hi Eurogamers, welcome to your pick of the week's best videos from outsidexbox.com. This week, we decompressed after the mayhem of E3 and realised not everything we expected to see actually turned up to that games industry bunfight.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break out in 2015

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break out in 2015

Video shows off new gameplay footage.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break launches in 2015, Microsoft has announced.

To coincide with the announcement, developer Remedy, of Max Payne and Alan Wake fame, released a new video, below, showing off some new footage from the game. It's towards the end of the film.

Quantum Break is described as a "fusion of an intense, cinematic action game and a high-quality, live-action show".

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Gameplay footage of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break

Gameplay footage of Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break

And new iOS project Agents of Storm.

Quantum Break developer Remedy Interactive has shown off the first gameplay footage of the Xbox One exclusive during tonight's VGX Awards.

Remedy also showed off a new iOS project named Agents of Storm. It's a 3D reverse tower defense title where you must attack bases on an island. Your mission is to build your base, build up a fleet and then go to war.

But back to Quantum Break, Remedy's sci-fi adventure where time is "broken" after a university experiment goes drastically wrong.

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Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break includes TV show episodes on disc

"Time will tell" on chances of Alan Wake sequel.

Xbox One sci-fi adventure Quantum Break will ship with episodes of its tie-in TV show included on its disc.

Rather than being a spin-off or separate entity, the episodes will fit snugly within the game's ongoing narrative and adapt to reflect the choices you've made.

"Acts of the game are interwoven with episodes of the show," Quantum Break's lead writer Sam Lake told Polygon. "What we have as connecting tissue are these moments of choice related to the fiction of time powers.

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Xbox One: the story so far

The console, the controversies, and the remaining questions.

It's been three weeks since Microsoft introduced Xbox One, in a presentation that heavily focused on the platform's media capabilities rather than actual games.

Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

Alan Wake developer announces Xbox One game Quantum Break

UPDATE 2: Quantum Break will also be a TV show which will interact with the game.

UPDATE 2: Quantum Break appears to blend a live action TV show with a video game, with actions in one affecting the other. Microsoft's Xbox One press release calls it "a revolutionary entertainment experience... that blurs the line between gaming and TV by integrating drama and gameplay into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience. How you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game." Defiance, anyone?

UPDATE: Remedy creative director Sam Lake has commented on the future of the Alan Wake series following the studio's announcement of new IP Quantum Break.

"Remedy's next big game won't be Alan Wake 2," Lake wrote on Twitter. "We'll return to Wake when the time is right. More on this tomorrow."

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