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"I was slightly confused by the reaction"

Remedy on Quantum Break coming to PC - and everything you can expect from the port.

When Microsoft announced Quantum Break would launch on PC alongside Xbox One, it wasn't quite the warm homecoming developer Remedy might have expected. Some fans were upset that the live action/third-person shooter hybrid would no longer be an Xbox One exclusive, taking to Twitter in a series of outbursts that were aimed at Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The debate focused on Microsoft and Spencer's relatively new bid to make its Xbox One exclusives available on Windows 10, too. But, through it all, what did Remedy, the developer caught in the middle, think of the negativity?

"I was slightly confused by that reaction," Remedy's Sam Lake told Eurogamer.

"I do understand people being passionate, and feeling ownership on their preferred platform. I do understand that. At the same time, as the maker of a game like this, we just hope we can get as many people to enjoy it as possible. From my perspective, adding another option of playing the game, it's all positive."

Remedy has a history of working on PC - it made its name there with the Max Payne series - and a port of the former-Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break had been part of the plan for some time, Lake told Eurogamer.

"It was in the discussions for a long while, and we were also rooting for it," Lake said.

"We do have a lot of fans on the PC side, and going back in Remedy history, PC's always been part of it. We're really happy to get an Alan Wake PC version out there as well. But obviously because they're business oriented decisions, you can't talk about them until the final agreement has been set. I was really happy to get that to be a part of this."

At a recent press event Microsoft had a build of the PC version - which is being developed internally by Remedy - up and running, though it wasn't the finished article, running at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second.

The final PC version, which launches alongside the Xbox One version on 5th April, supports 4K resolution, 60fps and also offers mouse and keyboard support, as you'd expect.

"Obviously, the whole thing about PC, the power especially when you go to high-end set-ups, it does give you nice things!" said Lake.

Here's hoping the fully-featured port drowns out some of the more negative voices around the PC version. "I can understand the fact that people are passionate," Lake added.

"At the end of the day, that passion in the fanbase, it's important to us. Myself, I'm just happy to play these things, to be able to create them so people can play them. The platform doesn't really... We're an indie studio! We have an awesome partnership with Microsoft, and a long-running one. They've been great. And at the end of the day, it's about games."

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