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Quantum Break is coming to PC, too

You get it free if you pre-order the Xbox One version.

Quantum Break is no longer an Xbox One exclusive - it's coming to PC, too.

Remedy's video game / movie hybrid launches on 5th April on Windows 10 and Xbox One. If you digitally pre-order the game on Xbox One, you get the Windows 10 version free, downloadable at the Windows Store via redemption code.

Quantum Break supports shared saves between the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions. There's no cross-play functionality as it's a single-player game.

It sounds like the PC version is being built in-house at Remedy, rather than outsourced, as we've seen with other PC versions of Xbox One games.

Here are the system requirements:

Meanwhile, Alan Wake, Remedy's previous game, as well as its two add-on packs, The Signal and The Writer, are included with Quantum Break. These Xbox 360 games work on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is also available, but you only get that if you pre-order Quantum Break.

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