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Quantum Break makes pirates wear an eye-patch

Playing without being logged into the Windows Store works, too.

Quantum Break's PC version will give your character an eye-patch if it thinks you are playing a pirated copy.

But you can also trigger the costume change by simply starting the game after logging out of the Windows Store, a Reddit user has discovered.

Developer Remedy had hinted at a piracy-themed Easter egg for people using a cracked copy. On the studio's Windows 10 version FAQ page, under "Jack looks like a pirate", the developer replied: "DRM might've accidentally triggered. Reboot the game and eat a lot of vitamin C."


We had a quick scout around this morning after hearing about the Easter egg - but before the Windows Store trick came to light. There are no cracked versions of the game floating around (and if it uses Denuvo protection, there may not be).

Remedy also used the same tactic with previous game Alan Wake: