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Dead Island dev's new game detailed

Techland's ATV racer coming to XBLA and PSN.

Techland's new game has been shown, with the Dead Island developer working on Haste, an ATV racer that's being brought to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network by Ubisoft.

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Nail'd, Techland's similarly themed game that was published by Deep Silver earlier this year, it's an extreme racer with a fleeting relationship to reality, with extravagant and unlikely jumps and stunts being the order of the day.

Haste was first shown by Ubisoft late last month, though we seem to have been looking the other way back then. A quick hands-on at today's Ubisoft Digital Days revealed the game to have more than an aesthetic relationship to Nail'd, with the light handling and simple boost mechanics of that game seemingly intact.

Nail'd met with a muted critical response earlier this year, though with its spiritual successor coming to digital platforms and with the reduced price tag that suggests Haste may be in for an easier ride. A loose 2012 release window is all that's been offered up so far.