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Not Ray Liotta in Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

His people settle the Scorsese.

Goodfellas actor Ray Liotta didn't narrate the debut Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer.

His people confirmed that it wasn't Liotta to IGN.

Ray Liotta provided the voice for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hero Tommy Vercetti. A man resembling an older Tommy Vercetti was spotted in the Grand Theft Auto 5 video. Plus, the narration presented a story that could fit his character.

Put together, the evidence for Tommy Vercetti being the hero of GTA5 - and, therefore, the narrator being Ray Liotta (it didn't sound too unlike him, did it?) - was compelling.

With an official denial by Liotta's people, has hope for Vercetti being recast as the hero of GTA5 now dispersed?

Grand Theft Auto 5.

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