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Eurogamer.net Podcast #90: Joe Danger

Sean Murray visits to talk Joe Danger: The Movie and the XBLA Special Edition. Plus: getting arrested.

Word up, devoted listener(s), for it is the 90th instalment of the award-losing Eurogamer.net Podcast!

Tom Champion is hosting again and is joined by Tom Bramwell (hello!), news editor Wesley Yin-Poole and a special guest. A Special Edition guest, you could say!

That's right - this week the Eurogamer.net Podcast welcomes back Hello Games MD Sean Murray, who takes time out of his busy schedule betraying PlayStation fanboys to talk about progress on the Joe Danger games.

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Those with long memories may remember Murray has been here before - for Eurogamer.net Podcast Episode 22, in fact. (I don't know why I have bothered to put a link in there, because you are even less likely to listen to that podcast than you are this one, but I have.)

Back then Joe Danger was either on the verge of release or had just come out (even I can't be bothered to click the link, it turns out), but now we can look back and call it a roaring success! This time we're talking about the sequel, Joe Danger: The Movie, and the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of the original, dubbed Joe Danger: Special Edition.

There's lots of interesting insight into what it's like being one of the UK's recent indie success stories, not to mention exciting development anecdotes, like the time they drove a sofa to Gamescom or the time Murray was arrested for working late.

For all that and slightly more, have a listen. We're counting on you not having anything better to do. Oh, and thanks to Sean Murray for coming down! He's a genuinely lovely chap and he doesn't really hate PlayStation owners.

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