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No Man's Sky dev's much-loved stunt racer Joe Danger returns to iOS in remastered form

After a lengthy absence.

No Man's Sky studio Hello Games is bringing its much-loved Joe Danger series back to iOS with various enhancements after an earlier operating system update left the games unplayable.

Joe Danger Touch and its sequel Joe Danger Infinity (which initially came to iOS in 2013 and 2014 respectively) both fell foul of Apple's decision to end support for 32-bit apps with iOS11 back in 2017. However, over the last few years, Hello Games has, as detailed in its new announcement, been tinkering on the titles to get them playable again.

"It's always been a secret shame of ours that the success of No Man's Sky left Joe Danger unloved," Hello Games' Sean Murray explained of the studio's attempts to resuscitate the series on iOS. "For the last two years we've had a hobby project of bringing Joe Danger back to life. Slowly rebuilding it piece by piece through eight years of Unity changes."

Joe Danger and Joe Danger Infinity in their shiny new iOS guises.Watch on YouTube

As part of those revival efforts, Hello Games has gone a step further, doing a bit of remastering work on both ageing titles. Improved visuals - including enhanced textures, antialiasing, and higher frame rates - are promised alongside ProMotion support, and Joe Danger Infinity also now features extended bluetooth support for controllers.

The enhanced versions of Joe Danger Touch and Joe Danger Infinity are both available to purchase now via the iOS app store (each costing £1.99), and players that already own the games from back in the day will finally be able to resume their long-paused stunt-action thrills as soon as they've download Hello Games' latest update.

"In truth, the little fella always seemed rather dwarfed by the big screen," Eurogamer contributor Chris Schilling wrote of Joe Danger Touch in 2013. "Like Burnout Crash!, this is a series that makes more sense on iOS - there's something about its cheery presentation and simple arcade mechanics that feels right in the palm of your hand. Like a TV star that never quite made it in the movies, Joe Danger is more at home on the smaller screen. He's the Nathan Fillion of games, basically."

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