Joe Danger Infinity

Hello Games' stunt racer returns for a second slice of the cake on iOS in this slick, miniaturised sequel.

Joe Danger Infinity review

RecommendedJoe Danger Infinity review

Bigger, better, more Battenberg.

Spookily, it's a year almost to the day since I wrote about Joe Danger Touch for this very site, and much of what I said then still applies to this follow-up. Like its predecessor, Infinity is a giddy, colourful joy of a game, a collection of brilliantly designed, hazard-strewn gauntlets which the eponymous stuntman - along with a collection of unlockable characters - automatically speeds through, as you tap and swipe to prompt him into endos, wheelies, backflips and several other tricks. If you liked that game a lot, as I did, I'm confident you will get on with this famously.

But why exactly is Joe Danger such a joy to play on a touchscreen format? I've been pondering this for a little while, and I think the best way I can explain it is thus:

Touch controls can be pretty great for certain types of games. Games like Device 6, The Room 2 and Ridiculous Fishing benefit enormously from being developed primarily for such devices. But when I play certain other types of games on my iPad mini or my Android phone, I wish I was playing them with a proper d-pad - or analogue stick, in some cases - and buttons. This may be because I'm awful and old, and I've grown so accustomed to traditional controls that the very concept of virtual thumbsticks and circular tap points as a replacement feels horribly wrong somehow. The very highest praise I can offer to Joe Danger Infinity, then, is that it makes me miss buttons less than almost any other touchscreen game.

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No Man's Sky dev Hello Games announces Joe Danger Infinity

UPDATE: Hello Games has revealed that it's planning to release Joe Danger Infinity on 9th January.

The developer noted the release date in an interview with Polygon, where studio founder Sean Murray explained that the team was still on schedule despite its office getting flooded. "We're here in a cramped little upstairs room, with makeshift PCs and water slowly rising to the electrics ... because we have a game to release!"

ORIGINAL STORY: And you were worried four-person indie developer Hello Games had taken on too much with ultra ambitious science fiction game No Man's Sky. The Guildford studio has just revealed it's been working in secret on a new iOS game called Joe Danger Infinity - and it's out soon.

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