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App of the Day: Joe Danger Touch

App of the Day: Joe Danger Touch

Contains scenes of moderate peril.

Ah, Joe Danger, the nearly man of the download services. Too often dismissed - and unfairly so - as Trials Lite, the diminutive stuntman's PS3 debut was loudly heralded by critics but never quite became the smash hit it deserved to be. And if the leaderboards for Joe Danger: The Movie are anything to go by, it might even be a little generous to label its sequel a cult favourite.

In truth, the little fella always seemed rather dwarfed by the big screen. Like Burnout Crash!, this is a series that makes more sense on iOS - there's something about its cheery presentation and simple arcade mechanics that feels right in the palm of your hand. Like a TV star that never quite made it in the movies, Joe Danger is more at home on the smaller screen. He's the Nathan Fillion of games, basically.

Unlike Criterion's sparky spin-off, which subtly tweaked the console game to accommodate touch controls, Joe Danger Touch is a very different beast from the original. Sure, it's still as much Mario and Sonic as it is ExciteBike and Trials, but there's a dash of the auto-runner in there, too, the bike's momentum now under computer control. Instead, you're responsible for Joe's ducks, leaps, flips, and wheelies, all executed with simple taps and swipes. It's as intuitive a control scheme as you could wish for, though it feels a little alien at first if you're familiar with the console games. But after a brief period of acclimatisation you're away.

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Joe Danger 2 The Movie Preview: Welcome to the Danger Zone

Joe Danger 2 The Movie Preview: Welcome to the Danger Zone

Multiplayer, new vehicles and a little something else are all in for Hello Games' sequel.

You can tell a lot about a game by the environment that it's made in, I reckon. Go to EA Sport's Vancouver campus and you'll find yourself in the aftermath of a collision between a games development studio and a space age sports centre: a full-sized basketball court crash-lands between banks of monitors piping out wire-framed superstars, and small plasma screens in each of the toilets blare out the stat-heavy ESPN news channel all day long.

Indie outfit Hello Games' office in Guildford is something else entirely: a small, snug office that shares its lot with a local taxi firm, there's just enough room for the 12-strong team to bounce off the brightly coloured walls as they put the finishing touches to the forthcoming Joe Danger sequel.

And bounce around they do thanks to the amount of Relentless that's sloshing around the place. There's an enthusiasm and energy to Hello Games that goes beyond the intake of energy drinks, though: here's a team that seems to be in love with its work, which isn't a surprise when the result's something as infectiously entertaining as Joe Danger.

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Introducing Hello Games

Sean Murray offers an exclusive insight into indie development.

Really close friends have a special laugh, and we were doing it then. Doubled over laughing, gasping for air. Setting each other off again.

Joe Danger Touch announced for iPhone, iPad

Cartoon racer Joe Danger will race onto iOS devices later this year, developer Hello Games has announced.

Joe Danger Touch is a brand new game designed specifically for touchscreen controls. It includes 50 new levels and fresh playable characters.

Players can now swipe the touchscreen to wheelie, tap the screen to jump and flick obstacles from your pat.

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